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Get hot and bothered to this modern playlist

Photo illustration by Adam Vieyra

Music nerds like to impress people with their vast knowledge of obscure sounds, but the art of makin' love requires a distinctly randy soundtrack.

Here's a list of titillating tunes that would drive music lovers wild:

“Reckless (with Your Love),” Azari & III: An anthem for the steamiest carnal bacchanalia, this infectious dance-floor banger swells with every thrust of its throbbing beat.

“The morning,” The Weeknd: Don't be fooled by his sensuous voice—The Weeknd mastermind Abel Tesfaye is dangerous. Still, in the case of this slinking slow-jam, danger is just so damn sexy.

“The Gaudy Side of Town,” Gayngs: Take off those ironic, big-framed glasses, girl, and come with me on a lovemaking journey across the silky-smooth ocean of yacht rock.

“Midnight City,” M83: Epic hooks, rocking saxophone, sweet vocals—this is the sound of falling in love, and then consummating that love by doing the deed all night long.

“Any Which Way,” Scissor Sisters: On this hard-driving disco anthem, the mid-song monologue says it best: “Take me any way you like it. In front of the fireplace. In front of your yacht. In front my parents….”

“You Put a Smell on Me,” Matthew Dear: With lyrics offering a peek into a sugar-daddy's wet dream, this smolderingly seedy electro number is dark and delicious.

“Blessa,” Toro y Moi: Even the most awkward indie-music geek is bound to reach first base if they've got this gorgeously soft number playing on the stereo.

“Thinking About You,” Frank Ocean: When his rich-as-molasses voice soars into a breathtaking falsetto, Odd Future-affiliated R&B maven Frank Ocean reaches a creative climax.

“Take U Home,” Addiquit: There's nothing subtle about this sweet-voiced San Diego rapper cooing the words “Let's just get on home” over a big, hard beat.

“Romance Layers,” Gang Gang Dance: Time to let down your cooler-than-thou front and embrace your inner Color Me Badd—this cosmically sultry new-jack-swing throwback wants to sex you up.

“Fantasy,” Dam-Funk: When you drop the needle on this boogie-funk odyssey—all icy-cool synths, grooving bass and vocal whispers—your booty-call dreams come true.

“X and Y,” Moving Units: The early-'00s discopunk craze might've come and gone, but this infectious jam's debonair vocals and rubbery bass still make a tantalizing combo.

“You Know What I Mean,” Cults: Slow but explosive, this doo-wop-style tune is essentially Viagra for hipsters. The active ingredient? Cults singer Madeline Follin's irresistible voice.

“Indestructible,” Robyn: The aural equivalent of K-Y Jelly, electro-pop doesn't get any slicker than this.

“Let's Make This a Moment to Remember,” Chromatics: If you were Lloyd Dobler, she was Diane Court and this was the set of Say Anything…, you'd be making love in the car right now.

“You Don't Know What Love Is,” 2000F & J Kamata: What is love, you ask? It's seducing you with a Stevie Wonder-style talk box, laying you down on a big bed of bass and ravaging you with the funkiest synths you've ever heard.

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