Feb. 8 2012 05:35 PM

Our second annual nod to Valentine's Day gets down to business


We like to think that every issue of CityBeat titillates our reader's
interest, but we hope that our second-ever "Sex Issue" stimulates a
different cat of your curiosity. To coincide with Valentine's Day, we've
put together an orgy of hot content, including interviews with a sex
surrogate and an adult toy store owner, our experiences with cuddle
parties and puppy play, and a libidinous indie soundtrack. They say sex
sells, but not everyone's buying (see our story on being broke and
). That's OK, because, as always, CityBeat's loving is free.

Sex surrogate fights for ‘orgasmic freedom'
Mare Simone's hands-on approach to solving sexual frustrations

Getting touchy-feely at the cuddle party

Serial snugglers hug it out

Unemployed and risky

When the economy tanks, so does safe sex

Pleasures & Treasures reaches climax
San Diego sex shop owner says business has never been better

Raise the woof!
Greetings from La Mesa, puppy-play capital of the world

A sexy soundtrack for music lovers
Get hot and bothered to this modern playlist


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