March 14 2012 10:56 AM

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Humiliating process

Thanks for putting the spotlight on the food-stamps issue [Cover story, Feb. 15]. I can tell you from personal experience that your statistic of one mistaken denial for every five applications is close to correct. Oddly enough, the same information that clears you in one instance is inadequate in another.

I received a notice informing me that if I didn't use my “closed case” benefits from September 2011, my status would be “deactivated.” In layman's terms, that means that the assistance that I have not been getting for the last six months will be stopped.

If no one else has said it yet, the application process is humiliating and agonizing. The unwritten tone of the questions suggest that the client is unwilling to get a job, rather than unable or unsuitable for employment. I'd rather work long hours at a job I didn't like than undergo interrogations that require verification of every item. At best, it's insulting, and that's if you're approved. Tie that off with what amounts to an audit every three months and you've given Big Brother the keys to your refrigerator.

I'd like to thank Kelly Davis, David Rolland and the entire staff of San Diego CityBeat for keeping an eye on this.

Dan Kuhn, Mission Beach

It's jealousy, not hatred

Regarding Edwin Decker's Feb. 22 “Sordid Tales” column, “Time for forgive Eli Manning—he just wasn't that into you”: I am a die-hard Chargers fan, 47 years of age. My son is a Chargers fan, and so is my entire family. I speak for my family, and we do not hate the Giants. As a matter of fact, I took them over Baltimore back in 2001.

We did hate Eli for refusing to come play for the Chargers, but I have put this question to most of my Chargers buddies: “Do you think Eli is sitting back staring at his two Super Bowl rings, saying, ‘Damn, I should have gone to the Chargers?”

So, thanks for bringing this to light, but we don't hate the Giants—we're just jealous.

Robert Cardoza, Shell Town

Skynyrd covers Skynyrd

Edwin Decker's March 7 “Sordid Tales” column, “All we are saying, is give cheese a chance,” reminded me of something my brother said to me not that long ago. He said, “I just saw a really good Lynyrd Skynyrd cover band. They were called Lynyrd Skynyrd!!”

Markel Tumlin, Normal Heights

Thanks for nothing!

After more than a six-month wait, that is the review you give Big Shot Reub and the Reloaders? Really?!? [“Great Demo Review,” March 7]. That is one of the most mean-spirited reviews I have ever seen written about a client of mine. It appears you might have never listened to a jazz or blues record before, the way this was written by you. Wankfest?

I guess publications such as Acoustic Music San Diego, San Diego Troubadour, Bluesrockers, Blues 411, BMans Blues Report, Cashbox magazine, Blues Bytes, Southland Blues and Barrelhouse Blues (to name a few), which all wrote positive reviews about the band's CD, Roundhouse Blues, must all be wrong then, hmm?

If we knew you were going to be so heavy-handed and mean in your “critical assessment,” we would have just as soon preferred not to get reviewed. As it is, this is awful.

I noticed you similarly slammed several other music acts that have your byline on them. Are you some kind of frustrated musician wannabe or just an angry person?!?

Doug Deutsch, Doug Deutsch Publicity Services

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