May 9 2012 08:26 AM

OFF!, Yann Tiersen and A B & The Sea are just some of the bands we're stoked about this week

Rufus Wainwright
Wednesday, May 9

PLAN A: Lord Howler, The Makeup Sex @ Bar Pink. It's been quite a while since Lord Howler last graced a stage, but these local rock 'n' roll bruisers are back. With new songs in the works, they'll have heads banging in no time. PLAN B: V-Rock, 21 Gramz, DJs Adamnt, Rudy Palos @ Kava Lounge. Usually, you can hear the beats of local producers V-Rock and 21 Gramz beneath the rhymes of hip-hop artists like TrackWide and Real J. Wallace. Tonight, though, they'll go solo to showcase their skills. BACKUP PLAN: The Wombats, The Static Jacks, The Neighbourhood @ The Casbah.

Thursday, May 10

PLAN A1: Enabler, Griever, Moosejaw, Hit the Switch, News from the Front @ Eleven. With the fist-pumping rawness of punk and the colossal riffs of doom-metal, Griever is incredibly heavy and totally bad-ass. Check out our feature on them on Page 52. PLAN A2: Jonti, Mystery Cave & Killer Swan, Kynan, Griefshare, Mateo @ Kava Lounge. Cross Peewee's Playhouse with a Jackson Pollock painting and you'll get the wildly whimsical electro tunes of Jonti, a recent addition to L.A.'s Stones Throw Records. Don't miss imaginative local beat-makers Mystery Cave and Killer Swan, who're celebrating the release of a split cassette tape. BACK- UP PLAN: White Hills, Joy, Sculpins @ Soda Bar.

Friday, May 11

PLAN A: Lotus Plaza, Wymond Miles, Mirror Mode @ Soda Bar. With Lotus Plaza, Deerhoof multi-instrumentalist Lockett Pundt can escape the shadow of his charismatic bandmate, Bradford Cox, and showcase his own formidable skills as a conjurer of cosmic indie-rock. And that's exactly what he does on Lotus Plaza's new album, Spooky Action at a Distance. PLAN B: I Am Not a Hipster @ Museum of Photographic Arts. The San Diego premiere of Destin Daniel Cretton's indie film I Am Not a Hipster features a rare performance by CANINES, a rad band created for the movie whose songs were written by Joel P West of local folkies The Tree Ring. BACKUP PLAN: Hanni El Khatib, The Sundelles, Shiva Trash, Low Volts @ The Casbah.

Saturday, May 12

PLAN A: A B & The Sea, Tommy and The High Pilots, Yellow Red Sparks, Podunk Nowhere @ Tin Can Ale House. You know summer's just around the corner when A B & The Sea come to town. With their happy-go-lucky tunes and old-fashioned good looks, these San Francisco indie-popsters are shamelessly devoted to having a good time. PLAN B: Devo @ Humphreys Concerts by the Bay. What can I say about Devo? They've been around for 40 years and still put on an awesome show with audio-visual elements, multiple costume changes and more hits than you could ask for. BACKUP PLAN: JD Samson & MEN, DJ Mikey Face @ Bar Pink.

Sunday, May 13

PLAN A: Rufus Wainwright, Krystie Warren @ Humphreys Concerts by the Bay. Rufus Wainwright's new album is called Out of the Game, but this handsome balladeer still has plenty of game left. Just watch the video for the album's title track; it stars Helena Bonham Carter and ends with Wainwright engaged in a threesome— with two versions of himself. PLAN B: Delta Spirit, Waters, Tijuana Panthers @ Belly Up. Fans of arenaready roots-rockers Delta Spirit are lucky, indeed: Their Saturday show at the Belly Up sold out and the band decided to add this date by popular demand. BACKUP PLAN: Gauntlet Hair, Dana Buoy, Sunwheel @ Soda Bar.

Monday, May 14

PLAN A: Yann Tiersen, Piano Chat @ Belly Up. More than a decade after gaining acclaim with the Amélie soundtrack, Yann Tiersen still makes beautiful, textured music fit for a quirky indie flick. PLAN B: Grand Tarantula, The Lusitania, And And And, Barbarian @ Tin Can Ale House. Brutal but catchy local indie-rockers Grand Tarantula recently dropped a solid new EP, a review of which you can read here. BACKUP PLAN: IAME, Saint Warhead, Wildcard, Solicit w/ Travisty One, Generik @ Soda Bar.

Tuesday, May 15

PLAN A: OFF!, Spider Fever, FIDLAR @ Ché Café. With former Circle Jerks frontman Keith Morris at the helm, OFF! is a formidable hardcore punk super-group. Still, the L.A. whippersnappers in FIDLAR will probably steal the show—they've been getting tons of buzz for their infectious tunes and out-of-control live shows. (OFF! and Spider Fever also play at The Casbah on Monday, May 14, with Retox; read our interview with FIDLAR) BACKUP PLAN: Daniel Hart, Adams and Eves, Ugly Boogie @ Soda Bar.

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