May 16 2012 08:07 AM

Black Cobra, Dum Dum Girls and Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars are some of the bands we're stoked about this week

Photo by Jake Walters

Wednesday, May 16

PLAN A: Dum Dum Girls, Young Prisms, SISU @ Belly Up. At this point, any self-respecting indie kid should be familiar with retro-punks Dum Dum Girls. They've got ravishing style. They've got serious attitude. And they've got well-honed, '60sstyle hooks. Yep, they've pretty much got it all. BACKUP PLAN: Silian Rail, Weatherbox, Manuok @ Soda Bar.

Thursday, May 17

PLAN A: Corona Lite, DJs Ego War, Mnstrpsy @ Whistle Stop. Don't be surprised if Corona Lite frontman Skylar spends the whole night lounging in a hammock, sipping Coronas and screwing around on a toy Casio keyboard. Like something out of a Christopher Guest film, this satirical "chillwave" project pokes fun at the trendy micro-genre in the chillest way possible. PLAN B: Myka 9, Orko Eloheim, Sighphur One, Destruc to Bunny @ Winstons.A key member of L.A.'s Good Life Café open-mic scene in the early '90s, underground rapper Myka 9 takes inspiration from the likes of Miles Davis and John Coltrane, delivering rhymes in a fluid, melodic, fast-moving flow. BACK- UP PLAN: Sleep Lady, Housewives @ Bar Pink.

Friday, May 18

PLAN A: Beach Fossils, Catwalk, Mini Death, DJ Mario Orduno @ The Irenic. I once felt that if I had to choose between Beach Fossils and a full-on fist to the face, I probably would've gone for the fist—at least I'd be feeling something, right? But now that spring is here and the weather's perfect, I really have a hankering for the Brooklyn band's easy-breezy, blearyeyed indie-pop. PLAN B: Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, Black Nature Band @ Anthology. The folks in Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars got together after being displaced by Sierra Leone's brutal civil war, which ended in 2002. They returned home in 2004, and ever since, they've been getting dance floors bumping with eclectic, uplifting Afropop grooves. BACKUP PLAN: Narrows, Secret Fun Club, Bumbklaatt, It's a Trap @ Eleven.

Saturday, May 19

PLAN A: Hundred Waters, Barbarian, Tourism, The Tenant @ Soda Bar. Florida's Hundred Waters is the kind of band you can listen to over and over again and still have no idea how to label it. Suffice to say, their electro-heavy, folk-tinged songs are colorful, patient and utterly gorgeous. PLAN B: 2 Live Crew & Rodney-O, L.A. Dream Team, The Egyptian Lover @ 4th & B. Take a trip down memory lane with this solid bill of old-school hip-hop acts. With Miami rappers 2 Live Crew delivering hits like "Me So Horny" and L.A. producer The Egyptian Lover getting crazy on the vintage drum machines, expect lots of nasty rhymes and bumping beats. BACK- UP PLAN: The Dandy Warhols, 1776 @ Belly Up.

Sunday, May 20

PLAN A: Spiritualized, Nikki Lane @ Belly Up. Imagine standing on a mountaintop with your arms outstretched, waiting for the face of Mufasa from The Lion King to appear in the sky. That's how you'll feel if you listen to Sweet Heart Sweet Light, the new album by English space-rock outfit Spiritualized (check out our feature on the band here). PLAN B: Suckers, Young Man, Vanaprasta @ The Casbah. A little bit of this, a little bit of that and a whole lot of awesome— that pretty much sums up the funky-fresh, quirkycool, everything-but-thekitchen-sink indie-pop of Brooklyn's Suckers. Fans of MGMT and Yeasayer will abide. BACKUP PLAN: Stephen Rey, The Misery Jackals @ Eleven.

Monday, May 21

PLAN A: Black Cobra, Ghetto Blaster, Fed to the Wolves @ Soda Bar. It's hard to believe that Black Cobra is just two guys. On their crushingly awesome new album, Invernal, the Bay Area sludge-punk juggernaut has the power of four men—the four horsemen of the apocalypse, that is! (Yeah, I went for it.) PLAN B: Plants and Animals, River City, 7th Day Buskers @ The Casbah.

Tuesday, May 22

PLAN A: Morrissey, Kristeen Young @ Valley View Casino Center. As outspoken as ever, Morrissey made a stand for animal rights while he was in Indonesia for a concert last week, calling on the country's foreign minister to shut down a zoo where hundreds of animals have died since 2010. PLAN B: I Break Horses, Geographer, Kitten @ The Casbah. If by "break horses" the Swedish duo I Break Horses means making immersive, lovely shoegaze, then, yes, they break the shit out of horses.

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