May 16 2012 10:55 AM

Our readers tell us what they think

Filner: Last man standing

I expect you've made up your mind already concerning your mayoral endorsement. Let me share my thoughts:

Carl DeMaio: As Donna Frye says: "Political sociopath." Bonnie Dumanis: Jerry Sanders all over again. Can we stand four more years of Sanders? Nathan Fletcher: Circumvented the public process with the CCDC cap raise brokered in Sacramento. Clearly is doing Irwin Jacobs' bidding for Plaza de Panama after a handsome campaign gift. He's still too young, too green and still too willing to be an errand runner for others than to be a real leader.

That leaves only one choice in my book:

Bob Filner. His experience and knowledge of San Diego, inside and out, is what we need now more than ever.

Dan Soderberg, Normal Heights

DeMaio: Snake-oil salesman

Thank you for a much-needed truth about Carl DeMaio ["Cover Story," April 25].

His charm has been picked up by many citizens who think he's the end-all-be-all to clean up City Hall. Little do they realize, his lies and huckster propaganda only makes him fit for selling snake oil.

It's sad that the city employees have been so villianized by the U-T, because we have a great city, and the employees are the backbone of our city. Now, just mention a city employee and citizens launch into a rant and see them all as the $100,000 Club, as he puts it. What a shame.

Thanks for your efforts.

Chuck Rickman, University Heights

DeMaio: He's all posture

About your April 25 cover story on Carl DeMaio: Yes, I agree. The man is clearly a posturing politician.

His participation (or lack thereof ) in the Ed Brown Center fiasco in Rancho Bernardo is a case in point. Carl DeMaio was useless, disinterested and did not return pleas for help operating in a city building on city property. No phone calls or emails were returned until it was pointed out to the press that the center needed real help. Then he sent his minions in, who didn't know the situation and just placated things. No help. No support. No interest. He never once stepped foot in the building.

But, boy, did he declare in the press he "saved" the center, which was nowhere near the truth.

I want responsive, responsible people running my city. That's not DeMaio.

Kathy Weyer, Rancho Penasquitos

DeMaio: Just like Aguirre

That's the best article I've ever read on Carl DeMaio ["Editorial," "Cover Story," April 25]. Early on, I likened him to Mike Aguirre, and I think the similarity still exists. DeMaio will be San Diego's next disaster if he is elected mayor.

Jean Struiksma, Scripps Ranch

DeMaio: a real meatball

Thank you for publishing the excellent article on Carl DeMaio ["Cover Story," April 25]. The editorial was also great and very well-written.

It's about time the real facts come to light about what this meatball is all about and why he has to be defeated!

I truly believe you will receive a lot of positive response from your readers.

Paula Lambert, Mission Hills

DeMaio: a good man

You people have no shame ["Editorial," "Cover Story," April 25]. There are no valid reasons to produce and publish a slander piece against a good man like Carl DeMaio, truly and righfully the next mayor of San Diego! Shame on you all.

John Robert Crawford, via Facebook


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