June 27 2012 09:04 AM

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We deserve those raises

I am sure it's very easy for you to sit in your chair, write an editorial [June 6] and say that SDEA needs to make concessions. Wow, are you kidding me? Is that the popular thing to say? Are you trying to be popular and say what you think people want to hear? Or, do you just not get what's going on?

I am on the front line. I've been teaching for 13 years. I've gone to eight years of college and still make under $70,000 per year! I'm a teacher, one of the most stressful jobs in the world! And you say we should just not worry about a contract that was suppose to be honored for three years and has never been. That's like me telling you I'll give you a raise (for the last three years) and I never do!

Keep writing about things you don't know about and rest your little head on your pillow thinking you're making a difference in the world. What about how student-loan rates are being discussed and how interest-rate increases are being considered? How about helping us write those off as we work beyond our contract hours for the sake of helping our students succeed? We can bail the banks out, and other countries, but we can't help those who elevate our students' chances into reaching their dreams?

We hear the same concerns every year that there's a political race going on. If you really want to support all teachers, how about you taking a pay cut and your benefits picked and prodded at and we can use those saved funds in bringing back your child's teacher? We never just wear the hat of a teacher. We wear many hats throughout our day. If we were CEOs with that many responsibilities and degrees, we'd be making well over $100,000 a year.

We do support and empathize with those who have been pink-slipped, but we have also felt the bite of promises being dismayed, the media telling us we are greedy and uncooperative as the state mandates us to spend more of our hard-earned money on classes needed to enhance our skills yet drop us into more debt (student loans have passed credit-card debt in our country) and the fact that public education is the root of our country's many failures. It doesn't feel motivating to continually hear yourself being criticized year after year.

In conclusion, keep sitting back safely and pat yourself on the back for trying to misrepresent all of us. Have a great day!

Tommy Lee Cotner, Scripps Ranch

The better prayercasters

Regarding Edwin Decker's May 30 "Sordid Tales" column about prayercasting: I guess you can extrapolate that the will of Allah beat out the will of Jehovah on 9/11. When you have opposing gods with opposing wills (agendas), you will have the same outcome with opposing perspectives. I guess the prayercasting of Muslims beat out the prayercasting of Christians and Jews on that day. (Methinks God was nowhere to be found on either side.)

David Wellens, South Bay

The bums lost, Lebowski

I love in your post-election article ["Opinion," June 13] how you referred to your recent election losses as "faux-populist uprisings." Your Marxist-socialist, high-tax, pro-unsustainable-spending positions have lost. There is nothing faux about these losses except that you at CityBeat are living in faux-reality. The taxpayer is tired of the politicians buying votes with their money. The taxpayer is tired of having a protected class that receives special rights, early retirement, guaranteed benefits, on and on. People like FDR could foresee this happening with public-sector unions and opposed it, but you good leftists had to do it anyway, even though the result was easily seen.

Craig Thompson, North Park


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