July 3 2012 09:25 AM

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On the "Seen Local" page in last week's issue, Amy T. Granite reported that a new art walk in Tijuana's Pasaje Rodriguez will be held on the last Friday of each month. In fact, it will be held on the first Friday of each month. We're sorry for any confusion this might have caused.

Labor worked harder

I wanted to respond to your paper's reprinting of a tweet from embattled San Diego City Councilmember Sherri Lightner's husband to me ["News," June 13]. Mr. Lightner's tweet was used as a thumbnail illustrating a feeling that not enough had been done to keep Scott Sherman from winning the District 7 City Council race outright.

At the time of this writing, a swing of 100 votes would have forced a November runoff, when higher turnout could have produced a more favorable outcome for our endorsed candidate, Mathew Kostrinsky (June primaries in District 7 precincts historically result in Republicans winning the turnout battle by eight percentage points over Democrats; alternatively, Democratic voters have historically outperformed Republicans by as many as three points in the same precincts during November general elections).

Mr. Lightner alleges that Kostrinsky would have advanced to November had the labor-led coalition of disenchanted former supporters of his wife not held her accountable. Repeating this allegation is to ignore the facts. The San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council and its members stepped into a surprising gap and did more work for Kostrinsky than anyone. Our independent expenditure effort, which I directed, made thousands of phone calls and accounted for 14 of the 40-plus pieces of District 7-related direct mail that clogged mailboxes for more than a month (you're welcome, readers). Others in the Labor Council sacrificed their own weeknights, weekends and even personal vacation time to volunteer directly for the campaign—knocking on thousands of doors, placing more-than-too-many phone calls and rustling up excitement for an excellent community advocate like Kostrinsky when other "progressives" in town were asleep at the switch.

I'll let Mr. Lightner (a registered Republican) or anyone else cast the first stone when they demonstrate that they worked as hard as the Labor Council in electing progressives like Kostrinsky in June. In the meantime, his protests won't distract us—or voters—from Councilmember Lightner's record. Keeping it easy to build a Walmart superstore while she owns stock in the company, doling out corporate welfare to wealthy hotel tycoons and eliminating retirement security for rank-and-file workers while her own pension goes unreformed leaves a lot to be desired before her re-election becomes a priority for San Diego progressives.

Evan McLaughlin, Political Director, San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council

Apathetic cheapskates

Regarding "Wednesday morning," ["News," June 13]: As if it's not bad enough that an obvious bigot gets elected judge, the real tragedy in San Diego is voter turnout. More that 70 percent of registered votes bothered to show up! What's really wrong in San Diego is that it's full of apathetic citizens who complain more than they vote. Walt Kelly's Pogo had it right many years ago: "We have met the enemy, and he is us"

How about some scathing stories on how this apathy and fanatical aversion to taxes are the real cause of the city's problems. These cheapskates are against hotel taxes even though they don't pay them.

Again, the city is exposed as a bunch of dopes who support racially biased people for important positions. Norton Simon once said: "Good people who don't vote send bad people to public office." And I like to sarcastically opine: "Welcome to San Diego, the world's largest small town."

Will Dawson, Clairemont

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