If you're one of the lucky nerds heading into the loud, sweaty halls of the geek paradise known as Comic-Con, you might be looking to score a few new collectibles. We scoured the list of vendors and found something cute, cool and totally random for you ticket holders to check out. For those of you who'll be geeking out from home, don't worry—all these folks sell their wares online, too.

Ever wondered what your kidney looks like, and whether the little guy's happy? You can ask your doctor. Or you can pick up some adorable plush body parts from I Heart Guts. You can tell they're happy because they have a big smile on their, um, faces? Among the silly body parts available are an ovary, appendix, mammary gland, brain and a testicle that looks kind of like Elvis. These would make cute, educational toys for kids or maybe a fun gift for a doctor friend. Find I Heart Guts at Booth 932 or online at iheartguts.com.

Kei Acedera and Bobby Chiu make artwork that's whimsical without being silly and captures imaginary worlds that even grownups might have a hankering to inhabit. And it's their creative vision that's behind many of the characters in Tim Burton's fantastical take on Alice in Wonderland. The Canadian artists will be selling a new, limited-edition book, Pieces of Wonderland, at Booths G-06 and G-07, with images they created for the film, as well as alternative takes on the Lewis Carroll characters. You can also buy their work (including Chiu's adorably dark "Catbus") at imaginism studios.com.

The Con's not just about art and toys. You can also find cool home goods, like Museum of Robots' retro-futuristic linen throw pillows. One features a vintage illustration of a ray gun that's got a touch of steampunk to it, while another is printed with a 1927 cover of Amazing Stories by revered sci-fi illustrator Frank R. Paul. They also have fun robot drink coasters and a rad metal serving bowl shaped like a '60s mod spaceship. Check them out at Booth 605 or at museumofrobots.com.

If you're a salt-of-the-Earth kind of guy who works in construction or spends weekends wandering wooded forests, you may often find yourself wishing your legs weren't constricted by jeans or workpants. That's where Utilikilts come in. These are classic Scottish kilts with functional work-belt-like cargo pockets. They come in eight different styles with different levels of utility. The "Workman's" is for "hard days on the work site," while the "Tuxedo" is for finer occasions. Try one on at Booth 4920. You can also see the merch at utilikilts.com.

You've probably spotted Mimobots at museum stores. The flash drives store up to 64 gigs of memory (screw the Cloud) and appeal to every kind of collector, from folks with a Hello Kitty fetish to Star Wars fans to pop-art collectors who snap up limited-edition designs by artists like Gary Baseman and tokidoki. Look for Booths 4936 and 2913M, where there'll be Comic-Con-exclusive Mimobots for sale, or check 'em out at mimoco.com.

Some other picks: San Diego artist Mark Murphy, whose Murphy Design puts together stunning art books and "mini zines," will be at Booth 4833. Ever wanted your very own Tribble? Stop at Booth 934 and pick up a limited-edition "Comic-Con Tribble Crew Set". And, always a fave among the CityBeat crew is Giant Robot with its Tokyo-cool toys and art, which you can find at Booths 1729 and 1731.

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