July 18 2012 10:44 AM

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In last week's editorial, we erroneously stated that a new bypass ramp in Balboa Park would circle around the Museum of Man. As everyone knows, the Museum of Man is on the north side of the road leading into the park by the Cabrillo Bridge; the bypass ramp curls around south of the road.

Also, in his news story about where mass burials would take place in the event of a catastrophe, Dave Maass reported that a marker for a mass-grave site lies less than a half-mile east of the San Diego Convention Center. It's to the west.

Furthermore, in a photo caption on our "Urban Scout" page, we mistakenly attributed Bobby Chiu's "Catbus" artwork to "Bobby Chill." And on the same page, we made perhaps our most horrendous error ever: We referred to what is obviously a C3PO Mimobot as an R2D2 Mimobot. We may never recover from that one. Shame!

Obama's no liberal

The whole issue between Obama and Romney on immigration is feigned ["Editorial," June 20]. We all know that doing something that causes harm on others is the only reason we have laws. Where would you send these people who have only known life here? Would you want your life changed so dramatically against your will?

Obama did not go far on his action to legalize immigrants brought here by their parents; he might as well have said that it only applies to those born on a three-quarter-full waxing moon, during a leap year, between the latitudes 28 degrees and 22.5 degrees, except when directly on 22.6 degrees, and not out of wedlock.

If liberals were wringing their hands, it would have to be that Obama's actions on about every issue, save a few small gestures, have not been liberal or can even be considered Democratic. There's a whole list, such as murdering people from the sky, not following the Constitution, antitrust by bailing out the banks or corporations, indefinite detention without trial, maintaining false wars; the list is long.

Are your readers aware of the law Obama signed Dec. 31, 2011, that allows our government to detain American citizens indefinitely without trial and disclosure of evidence?

We are no longer being represented, and if liberals have been paying any attention, they are wringing their hands because there is no real choice for president.

Mark Drummond, Spring Valley

Given up on Bilbray

Regarding "All in moderation" ["News," June 20]: Dave Maass' observations were on target. Until recently, Brian Bilbray was mostly a one-trick pony, largely winning elections by exploiting anti-immigration as a wedge issue while paying little attention to anything else besides special interests. Now that he faces a more competitive race, Bilbray's trying to reinvent himself, portraying himself as caring about constituents.

In past contacts with his office, it was difficult to find out where he stood on issues—other than immigration. One issue where he did take a stand was his support of nuclear power, but that stance conveniently changed after the Fukushima disaster. As for listening to constituents, getting dates of town-hall events was like pulling teeth; I was told TBD, check the website later; or, they could send me e-mail notification. Town halls were never posted on the website, and I never received email notifications. The impression I got is that Bilbray and his staff were trying to ensure a friendly audience. I eventually gave up on Bilbray, and I will do so again in November.

Dan Jacobs, Mira Mesa


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