July 25 2012 08:37 AM

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Fire, not thunder

I love Amy T. Granite's writing—just a nitpick with the article on Lost Abbey ["Art & Culture," June 13]. The T-Bird in the "Running with the Devil" artwork, I believe, is actually a '79 Trans-Am Firebird—think Smokey and the Bandit.

Mike Loflen, Clairemont Mesa

B.R. is OK

It's difficult to ignore the profanity and pointlessness to Aaryn Belfer's June 20 "Backwards & in High Heels" column about U-T TV. It would appear that the commentary on "Scott, B.R. + Amber" is intended only to besmirch people trying to do their jobs in as dismal a manner as possible. The comments simply were not constructive or useful in any way that I could discern.

I knew Billy Ray many years ago when I was active in the Bar. I represented him and found him to be a pleasant, humorous and entirely thoughtful client. No celebrity could have been nicer to the staff in our office, and it was the first time I ever had a client pay his wife's attorney with a large bag of quarters—even the other attorney got a kick out of it.

Belfer, for whatever reason, seems to needlessly want to make Billy Ray out to be a big, dumb jock, and nothing could've been more distant from the truth. Billy Ray was a college grad with a degree from the University of Arkansas in economics. At the time, he played one of the most intellectually demanding positions on the team, and he played it at the highest professional level for more than 10 years. I also had the chance to meet B.R.'s mom and dad, and his dad, who also played many years of professional football, was the epitome of class.

Billy Ray adopted San Diego and has devoted, along with wife Kimberly, countless hours of volunteer time to our local charities.

If Ms. Belfer didn't like their show, I suspect that she has the intelligence to write an intelligent review that actually discusses the program and doesn't simply devolve into tirade of profanity and base put-downs that are simply inaccurate and ineffectual in making her point—whatever it was.

Hon. Edward B. (Ned) Huntington (Ret.), Judge of the California Superior Court

... And thanks for asking

About your June 20 editorial about the election of Gary Kreep: I am very, very proud of myself. Are you proud of helping destroy our country?

Kevin Rogers, San Francisco

Dumbed down

Regarding Edwin Decker's June 27 "Sordid Tales" column: I think you are missing the point here. This is yet another example of the ongoing dumbing down of discourse and entertainment in America.

Do you know any real "niggas"? I do. I'm from Chicago, and I don't know a single black man who's cool with the idea of a honky pretending to be hip enough to address anyone as "my nigga." I don't even buy into the notion that black America has somehow taken back this word and made it a term of endearment, and I would argue with my black friends about it: You know what crackers say when they hear two black guys refer to each other that way? "Check it out—the niggers are so stupid they're calling each other ‘nigger'!" 

A rich white girl trying to ingratiate herself with who knows what audience is not ballsy. It's a lame attempt to make herself appear to be in with the in-crowd. I like Decker's column, but I thought he was a little more cynical than this, and certainly not a celebrity ass kisser.

Erick Gude, South Park

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