Aug. 8 2012 03:45 PM

Keith Milgaten, Alvin Fenner and others are planning to relocate-plus, more music news

Neat Beats
Photo by Jon Blaj

Another batch of San Diego musicians is getting ready to leave town. Neat Beats beatmaker Alvin Fenner will move to San Francisco at the end of the month, Aimee Sanchez of Divers will take a new job in the Bay Area soon and Jamuel Saxon frontman Keith Milgaten plans to move to New York City in February.

In an email interview, Milgaten says he's leaving to explore "new sights, fresh faces [and] unexpected inner-self discovery" and to taste New York City's famous bagels. Though he plans to keep touring with Jamuel Saxon, guitarist Mike Griffin and drummer Jayson Ehm won't be moving to the East Coast. Milgaten plans to focus on his solo project, Keith Sweaty, and will release a new album later this month.

As for Fenner, he's lived in San Diego his whole life and says he wants to get out for a while. His fiancée, Tara Rutter, is interested in grad school, and he's attracted to San Francisco's bustling counterculture.

"It isn't as alienating to be weird in San Fran because everyone is kinda weird," he says. "The city thrives on its weirdness and defines itself by it."

It's not uncommon for local musicians to leave town for better jobs or musical opportunities. But some musicians move back. Jordan Hammond of Primitive Noyes and Tape Deck Mountain's Travis Trevisan both recently returned from stints in Austin, Texas.

Hammond's getting settled in a new apartment and finishing a new album with Primitive Noyes. But Trevisan might not be around much longer: After he finishes recording a new Tape Deck Mountain album, he plans to spend some time in New York City.

Avant-rockers Platypus Egg will celebrate the release of their debut album, Little Street of Happiness, at Eleven on Saturday, Aug. 11. LadyParts and Washington, D.C.'s Mary Christ will also play.

Math-rockers Sleeping People will commemorate the release of a new, two-song 12-inch, Notruf, at Soda Bar on Friday, Aug. 10. Also, Kata will rejoice in the dropping of their new album, The Rising. Devfits will play, as well.

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