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On Page 6 in last week's issue, editor David Rolland attributed a pull quote (a quote pulled from a story to draw a reader's eye) to Nate Gordon, director of the Academy for Scientific Training and past president of the American Polygraph Association. Gordon was used as a source in Dave Maass' story about contract employees alleging that the Drug Enforcement Administration illegally subjected them to lie-detector tests.

The quote was "As for the question about beastiality—that's a new one."

Awesome quote, right? Problem is, Gordon didn't say that. Not in an interview with Maass, and not in Maass' story.

The line was the author's. Still, we'd bet that Gordon wishes he'd said it. In any case, Rolland owes Gordon an apology and hopes this correction will suffice.

Gonzalez solves problems

I was surprised to read John Lamb's June 27 "Spin Cycle" column that raised questions about Lorena Gonzalez's record of success at the Labor Council. Nothing could be further from my experience, seeing time and again her commitment to working with all parties for productive dialogue and results that serve the best interest of the community.

At San Diego Unified, we've just come through a difficult negotiating process with our teachers, nurses and counselors in which Lorena's leadership proved crucial. Lorena took a considerable risk by calling on both the District and San Diego Education Association—one of the largest affiliates of the Labor Council—to overcome differences and get to the bargaining table for the sake of San Diego's children. The fact that SDEA's leadership, rank-andfile educators and school board members all trust and respect Lorena contributed greatly to our ability to reach an agreement. It isn't the first time that she's stepped up as a bridge to foster conversation in tense times, and I know it won't be the last.

It was perhaps ironic that on the same day that SDEA educators voted to approve the agreement to prevent the vast majority of layoffs at San Diego Unified I also read Lamb's column. The agreement that was reached between the school board and SDEA protects our students and families, our educators and our district's financial health. And maybe most importantly, it demonstrates our ability to come together and solve problems locally, despite the continued crisis at the state level.

Too often in our political discourse these days, refusing to talk is worn as a badge of honor, and just getting everyone to the table in the first place becomes a tremendous task. I wouldn't want to consider where our schools or our city would be without Lorena's leadership to keep things from falling off track.

Richard Barrera, trustee, Board of Education, San Diego Unified School District

Stop having kids!

The problem is not a lack of welfare funds or affordable childcare ["Editorial," July 3]; the problem is simple: too many people! Earth's population is 7 billion. The planet is full! We have taxed every resource on the planet to its maximum. We are witnessing the lamentable results (global warming, drought, filthy water, plastic-garbage dump, erratic weather, starving children, unemployment, long lines, crowded freeways, power outages, etc.).

Population control is the answer, and not feeling sorry for parents who can't afford their kids, or sorry that welfare funds are cut. Why did these ignorant people have kids in the first place? Stop having kids! Raise your consciousness, people. The Earth is full! You can't pack 10 families into a two-bedroom house. Think about it. That's precisely what we've done to planet Earth. It's a no-brainer. Don't hand out welfare checks, legislators; hand out free birth control. Period!

Thank you, Gov. Jerry Brown, for downsizing welfare. Now, please implement free birth control, promote population control and attempt to save what's left of Earth and California, and spread the message around the world. Stop having kids!

Catherine Lee, La Jolla

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