When it comes to pop culture, San Diego may not be New York City. You won't walk around and find countless places that appeared in TV shows, movies or national news. Although no giant apes have ever climbed one of our iconic buildings while fondling a blonde babe, we did get a musical superstar pissing her pants on stage. That's something, right? Here are the 10 biggest moments in San Diego pop culture during the past 10 years that got the whole nation talking:

    1. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy: Thanks to Will Ferrell and director/co-writer Adam McKay's 2004 comedy, San Diego will be forever referred to as "a whale's vagina." Encounter a tourist at the zoo or be a tourist yourself in any American city and you'll no doubt have someone crack the joke once you tell them you're from here. Not even the pages of CityBeat have been spared from this reference, with D.A. Kolodenko's "Inside a Whale's Vagina" column. Expect more San Diego jokes once the sequel comes out next year.

    2. Fergie's pissy pants: In 2005, Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie handed every writer and comedian the perfect pun when she hit the San Diego Street Scene stage and peed her pants. And just like your friends never let you forget the time you pissed your pants in third grade, no one's let Fergie live down her momentary lapse in bladder control.

    3. Shit My Dad Says. The Twitter account, from which Point Loma writer Justin Halpern tweeted the hilariously blunt things his foul-mouthed curmudgeon of a dad would say, blew up in 2009. A year later, it turned into a sitcom on CBS starring William Shatner as the shit-talking dad, but it was cancelled in 2011. Guess some things are funnier in 140 characters.

    4. The 4th of July fireworks letdown: Have you ever seen a man prematurely ejaculate during what was supposed to be the most epic sex ever? Well, this was the fireworks equivalent of that. People looked up at the sky this year for the Big Bay Boom Independence Day fireworks show and everything went off in less than 20 seconds. Maybe the sky had a headache 

    5. The many baby mamas of Antonio Cromartie: The former Charger cornerback is as much known for his skill on the field as he is for his inability to put on a damn condom. He's fathered 10 children from eight different women living in six different states and has two more on the way. This guy's sperm has completed more passes than Brett Favre.

    6. JabbaWockeeZ: This dance group won the first season of the reality competition America's Best Dance Crew, which aired on MTV in 2008. Decked out in white masks and gloves, these local b-boys showed anyone who still watches MTV that San Diegans can pop and lock with the best of 'em. Since being crowned dance champs, the JabbaWockeeZ have appeared in national ads, movies, TV shows and your mind whenever you trick yourself into thinking you can dance.

    7. Comic-Con: For one weekend out of the year, the city becomes the epicenter of Hollywood. Movie stars! Television stars! Reality stars! Overweight nerds who will correct you on the smallest detail from an episode of Star Trek! They're all here, and it's awesome. Every year, something happens at the Con that makes national news. Unfortunately, this year it was a tragic death. Hopefully next year it's not so dour.

    8. Stop Kony: Earlier this year, the entire world was spurred to start caring about this guy named Joseph Kony, as a result of a viral video distributed by Invisible Children, a local nonprofit working to spread awareness about child soldiers in Uganda. It sounded good until things got weird. Really weird.

    9. Carrie Prejean: The former Miss California, who hails from Vista, gained national notoriety in 2009 when she took a stand against same-sex marriage during the Miss USA pageant that year. When pageant judge Perez Hilton asked her how she felt about gay marriage, she said, "I believe that [marriage] should be between a man and a woman." And every San Diegan who isn't an asshole shook their head in shame.

    10. San Diego Idols: American Idol has been the biggest show on TV since it debuted in 2002. While Southerners have dominated the competition, San Diegans have been close to winning the crown twice. In 2009, Rancho Peñasquitos' Adam Lambert used soaring theatrical vocals and a lot of controversy over his sexual orientation to come close to the W. However, "Glambert" fell short. We had our biggest shot at a winner in Chula Vista girl Jessica Sanchez this past season. Most agree that the tiny teen with a huge voice was robbed when the stupidly named Phillip Phillips edged her out. 

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