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In her story in last week's issue on the county's food-stamps participation rate, Kelly Davis reported: "Foreign-born applicants 18 or older must be legal U.S. residents for at least five years to qualify" for food stamps. That's incorrect. Applicants of any age must be legal residents. Also, while the federal government requires five years of residency before a legal immigrant can receive benefits, California operates a state-level program for eligible legal residents who've been in the U.S. for less than five years. We're sorry for the mistakes.

More on the homeless

Regarding your July 25 editorial about the winter homeless shelter: We need more coverage on the city's homeless, I think, if for no other purpose than raising awareness about homelessness. In the same vein, information on the various organizations serving the city's homeless community could provide readers with avenues by which they might donate their time to the cause.

Martin Ceisel, Banker's Hill

Stop bashing Carl!

As I sit and read your paper about the LGBT pride parade ["Editorial," Aug. 1], I find the name calling to be rude and not very necessary.

I have read the whole thing and saw nothing about how Bob Filner was not even in the parade until he was dropped off by his driver as his car and entourage had already past the McDonald's on University Avenue on the parade route. At least Carl DeMaio was there from the begin to the end. Yes, Bob was there when the car he was riding in was there, but he left [temporarily] before the start of the parade.

Why hate on only one? Bob is part of the old-boy's club, and they have been in power for far too long. I was standing near Bob's entourage when he was there, and he showed up for, like, 30 minutes, then took off and did not arrive back until his car and entourage had already turned on to University Avenue and passed McDonald's.

I don't want someone who thinks civic events are beneath them. These are the people that you want to vote for you but you leave before the start to go to have coffee with someone. Stop the Johnathan [Hale] and Carl bashing! If you cannot keep yourselves nonpartisan, then do not write anything that has to do with the election!

Paul Walker, North Park

CityBeat 's a ‘gem'

Recently, I was all alone while waiting for my food to be ready at a local taco shop. I was needing something to make me look a little bit cooler than I was managing to do by myself, and my phone wasn't handy to fidget with, so I snagged a CityBeat [Aug. 8] that was on the table next to me. In my nine years of living here, I had always seen the mag, but have never read a single article, until that day.

On the cover was a mention of "Pride" on Page 11, so I flipped over to see what your reporter had to say about it. The "Opinion" by Edwin Decker started out a bit repetitive, simply stating all the kinds of people that he saw at the Pride Festival, or throughout Hillcrest, but the way he put it all together by the end of the page, and made his point perfectly about how great it is to see such diversity, and revel in it, and patiently wait for the rest of the country to come around and embrace, that article put such a smile on my face, and a good feeling in my hungry belly, right at the moment my No. 14 Combo Plate arrived at the table!

I'm very proud to live in a city as tolerant and diverse as San Diego, and now I'm also quite excited to find a "new" gem of a newspaper that's been right under my nose the entire time. Thank you very much, Edwin, for stating so simply your wonderful review of Pride Weekend. Hopefully, it will get the resonance that it deserves. I know I'm telling all my friends about it.

Brian Wood, North Park

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