Sept. 12 2012 09:59 AM

Our readers tell us what they think

Feeling privileged, Ed?

Regarding the responses ["Letters," Aug. 1] to Edwin Decker's June 27 "Sordid Tales" column about use of the N-word by white people: Dear eloquent people of color: You've been used and abused so thoroughly that you're unable to see kindred minds trying to help.

So, Ed, do you feel privileged? That white skin opens every door? Or have you worked to get where you are, being gamed every day by manipulators of every color, code and gender who revel in seeing a good man fail?

Sound familiar, oh ye downtrodden? We all deal with those who are in a position to make things better, but who take their pleasure in the suffering of others.

Doug Anderson, Paradise Hills

Breakfast ‘goin' on'

Jenny Montomery's Aug. 1 "North Fork" piece about Petite Madeline's was great! I'm dismayed by what passes for pastry and baked goods in most places here in the U.S. The Starbucks pastry selection is Exhibit A for mediocrity, in my book.

The handful of places that go to a higher level, using good ingredients, taking more time and caring about the flavor and texture of the finished product, are to be treasured, written about by smart people like Jenny and rewarded with our business.

I live in Pacific Beach and just had an amazing breakfast at The Cantina Panaderia on Felspar Street. They use fresh ingredients, amazing presentation, good service, etc. Compared with tasteless scrambled eggs and greasy hashbrowns, bought frozen in bags, weeks removed from their source, it's a huge improvement. If you're smart enough to appreciate a good scone, I know you'll also appreciate a real breakfast. Cantina has it goin' on. And I don't have any connection to the place or financial incentive to mention it. Just giving a nod to exceptional quality, as you did in your article.

Keep up the good work! Bon appetit!

Charles D. Tompkins, Pacific Beach

Having no kids can be fun

Catherine Lee's Aug. 15 letter to the editor about the Earth's population was right on, for the most part. "Too many people"— yes! "Stop having kids"—yes! The planet should not be forced to support 7 billion-plus humans. And watch out! Nature always has the last word.

But she seems to think that this advice is for "welfare" people, "ignorant people." Excuse me; it's advice we all should take. The most radical political and social protest act anyone, especially middle-class Americans, can make is not having any kids. One middle-class American baby will consume more of the planet's resources than 20 Balinese babies.

Humans by and large believe what they're taught and do what they're told. Hence, in the U.S., Bud Light (only one step up from piss), is the biggest-selling beer in America as a result of constant over-the-top advertising. Use the exact same strategy about not having kids—constant advertising in all media (around the world) making it sound like fun not to have kids, but to do other more interesting and creative things. That's the only way out that I know of.

George Blender, Ocean Beach

Eyewitness news

Great job, CityBeat, for the only eyewitness reportage and photos of the "second annual" flash-mob event ["News," Aug. 15] promoted by a former employee of San Diego Gay & Lesbian News, which is owned by San Diego City Councilmember Carl DeMaio's boyfriend, Johnathan Hale. Who is this guy, and what on Earth was he thinking? Fomenting a riot or engineering epic fun on a hot summer night? Where were the cops? Private Balboa Park security?

Personally, coming just two weeks after the Batman movie shootings, I was struck by the heavy-duty appearance of mock-weaponry squirt guns that were used. I guess we should be grateful that only water lilies were harmed.

Fran Zimmerman, La Jolla


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