Oct. 10 2012 09:18 AM

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In her story last week on Prop. 36, the November ballot measure to amend the Three Strikes law, Kelly Davis reported that the committee supporting Prop. 36 had raised a little more than $1.7 million. In fact, the committee has raised $2.3 million. We regret the error.

CityBeat good; U-T bad

Just wanted to say thanks for providing an alternative news source that is refreshingly unlike the U-T. I just cancelled my over 30-year subscription to the U-T, due to its increasingly far-right, extreme views— especially its bizarre choices of "best" and "worst" U.S. presidents. I thought maybe the comics section had moved to the editorial pages!

Anyway, keep up your good work. Any chance of CityBeat becoming a daily?

Linda Johnson, La Mesa

Troubling illustration

I'd like to know why you chose Adam Vieyra's photo illustration of what appears to be a burly African-American man in a judge's robe (and casual blue sunglasses) driving a pink convertible ["News," Sept. 26].

I have no comment as to the content or merit of Dave Maass' article, which I read. But it strikes me that the illustration has no discernible relevance whatsoever to the story. I don't think the judges Maass mentions by name are African-American (probably not many San Diego judges are), and in an article that seeks to present judges as mooches on the taxpayer dollar, the choice of a black man driving a pink Cadillac is, to say the least, extremely troubling to me.

Intentional or not, it is a shame that CityBeat resorted to this subtle form of race-baiting in order to get its point across. To say that the choice of this photo illustration for the story reeks of Ronald Reagan's infamous "welfare queen" is without question. Look it up if by chance you missed it. What were you thinking?

Vanesa Ribas, Sherman Heights

Editor's Note: Adam Vieyra's intent was to create a humorous illustration using a mix of found images. The race of the judge in the illustration was not a factor.

Holslin the D-bag

Regarding Peter Holslin's story about the demise of Sam Goody ["Notes from the Smoking Patio," Sept. 26]: Peter, you're an idiot. Sam Goody has one of the deepest DVD movie and TV-show libraries of any retailer out there. You can find any TV show or movie ever made, new or used—classics, complete seasons of shows, box sets, etc. If they don't have it, they'll order it for you. Prices are perfect; return policy is perfect. Their music section is very deep, as well.

I can easily get past the physical appearance of the store, which is fine, by the way.

I'm bummed they're leaving. It's the only place Downtown to buy DVDs. I don't own a car and will never go to Mission Valley / Fashion Valley to buy crap.

You sound like a typical San Diego d-bag. Let me guess: You moved out here from—where? Perhaps if they had craft beer and VIP bottle service, Sam Goody would appeal to you more. Extremely shallow, Peter.

Good day, sir. Oh: Can CityBeat stop using the term "craft beer"?

Keith Perkins, Bankers Hill

Editor's note: For the record, Peter Holslin doesn't drink alcohol and grew up in San Diego.

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