Oct. 26 2012 06:39 PM

Ham, pear and Brie sandwich is among many standouts

Lockwood’s ham, pear and Brie sandwich
Photo by Jenny Montgomery

Although I keep insisting that I should be appointed to the position of Naming Czar (for restaurants, other people's children, hurricanes, etc.), no one has made it official. If they had, I'd kindly point out that the only flaw in Lockwood Table Cafe is an extraneous word that my tongue keeps tripping over. Is it a café specializing in tables?

I'll let the awkward extra word slide because LTC (346-B, S. Cedros Ave. in Solana Beach) is such a sweet little nook of a restaurant. South Cedros Avenue is the place to go for high-end adorableness and style, from cute creperies to stylish boutiques. Add Lockwood to the list of charmers. LTC is tucked in the back of a little strip of shops sharing a parking lot on the corner of Cedros and South Rios Avenue.

Wander toward the back of the parking lot, and when you get to the shop selling art, jewelry and other ephemera made entirely out of pennies (it's actually really cool), you've arrived.

Though the space is tiny, it feels bright and breezy, with a sunny patio and a gauzy, beachy feel. Settle in and get your coastal vibe on by ordering a pot of whole-leaf tea or a glass of fresh ginger or carrot juice. Or, go for my favorite, something bubbly: an Italian soda that makes you feel oh-so-cosmopolitan. I recommend a glass of fizzy elderflower water—it's sweet and floral without tasting like soap.

Lockwood is all about breakfast and lunch; it even has a unique service where you can order picnics to-go. With Fletcher Cove just a penny's throw away, talk about a cool date idea.

Yes, sandwiches and salads comprise the lunch menu, but you'll also find flatbreads, as well as a tasty cheese plate and other filling lunchtime appetizers. I love the namesake Lockwood sandwich, a compact and gooey delight with a dense pile of thinly sliced grilled ham, sweet pears and creamy Brie. The yummy combo is squished between two nutty pieces of pumpernickel, a tragically underused bread. Try a side of quinoa with garlic, tomato and basil, or a toothy helping of lentils.

Tired of sandwiches? Flatbread is a great way to feel like you're eating pizza—yet with fewer doughy carbs, you can sanctimoniously pat yourself on the back about your healthy choice. I love the light, crackly base topped with thin, charred slices of eggplant, jammy slices of roasted tomatoes and a spread of pungent pesto. Along with a delicate side salad, this is a perfect little light lunch.

It's open for breakfast every day at 6 a.m. Since my house has a tiny person who rises with the roosters, I can't wait to get to know more than just the lunch menu. Breakfast options include various nut butters on toast, pastries, oatmeal and weekend-only breakfast soufflés.

There's something snuggly about Lockwood Table Cafe. Its hidden charm and intimate setting encourage lingering, but its wholesome menu options won't weigh you down.

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