Oct. 31 2012 09:43 AM

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In the Readers Poll in our Oct. 17 Best of San Diego issue, we mistakenly referred to Only Kidding Children's Shop as "Just Kidding Clothing." Only Kidding was picked by our readers as an honorable mention in the Best Kids Clothing category. We're sorry for the error.

DeMaio for a change

Regarding your Oct. 3 editorial about Carl DeMaio: Isn't it funny that your own article discusses the fact that DeMaio is now willing to discuss "uncertain financing"? Uncertain financing is the foundation of the city of San Diego. Our wonderful city is approving or working on a massive Convention Center expansion, a Central Library (really?), a Balboa Park remodel, a Chargers Stadium and many more projects that cannot be paid for without "uncertain financing."

It is sad that a good candidate for mayor has to embrace the kind of supporters that want uncertain financing if they are to be elected in this town. I watch Filner sidle up to the firefighters union for support. Talk about a group of people who want what they want at any cost. We cannot afford a mayor who'll keep business as usual in this city. I think Carl is the only person who can make any change happen. Even a small change is better than none.

Chris J Kleitsch, Downtown

U-T San Diego is useful

Quit complaining about U-T San Diego under Doug Manchester! I have found it to be a wealth of information: Whatever issue or candidate they support lets me know to vote for the other issue or candidate. It has made this election season so easy for me! Yippee! More time to play; less time to worry about the election. Remember, even garbage has a purpose.

Marianne Regan, Clairemont

Penis vagina fuck

I agree with letter writers Normandie Wilson from Talmadge, Megan O'Byrne from Normal Heights ["Letters," Aug. 1] and also with Michael Kimbell from the College Area ["Letters," Aug. 8]. That was a stupid column by Edwin Decker ["Sordid Tales," June 27].

I have been a San Diego resident for 25 years, and I have read the different versions of CityBeat through the years; I believe it was SLAMM at one time. It always amuses me how CityBeat is always throwing mud and comparing itself and trying to compete with The Reader. Let's get one thing clear: You will never be as good as The Reader, period! You want proof of that? Just count how many CityBeat issues are left every week on the stands. If you try to get The Reader by Friday, it's too late; they're gone. (You must think I am joking. Just stop by one of your drop places, Professional Sound and Music, and count the issues that are left there, and this is only one place.)

And about your columnists Edwin Decker and Aaryn Belfer (obviously both of them are from the Beavis and Butthead generation), can they ever write something without using the words "penis," "vagina" and "fuck" in their column? I know that it makes them feel hip and cool, but it detracts so much from whatever point they are trying to make.

Jose Serrano, La Mesa

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