Nov. 2 2012 04:06 PM

Eat it for breakfast and then go back to bed

The Egg Roll at Giorgino’s
Photo by Amy T. Granite

I stopped reading the menu at "Pork Roll." Forsome reason, it made me laugh. Not knowingwhat to expect, I ordered one, because, really—how bad could a sandwich be with a name like"Pork Roll"?

The dude behind the counter at Giorgino's(1237 28th St. in Golden Hill)asked me if I wanted my pork roll topped with afried egg. Apparently, that's how it's done on theEast Coast, where the sandwich was born. Here, theversion with an egg is called "Egg Roll" ($6.73).

Also known as the "Jersey Breakfast," it's justwhat it sounds like: a hangover helper. Four circularslices of Taylor ham are fried on a flattop grill,then a layer of white American cheese goes down,followed by the fried egg and even more cheeseon top. The hot mess of contents meets a Kaiserroll, and, somehow, it fits perfectly within.

I don't know about you, but I always expect asock to the gut with East Coast specialties; thosefolks have a winter to get through, so they're allowedto eat like cavemen. The Egg Roll is no exception.Next time, I'll get itwith half the amount of meatbecause Taylor Ham is rich(and delicious) like Spam andprobably just as nutritious.

It's wise not to bite intoan Egg Roll for around threeto five minutes. The slippery,fondue-like cheese surroundingthe egg is a blowoutwaiting to splat onto thetable. After a short amount oftime, the cheese will congeal,acting like glue so you won'thave to pick up the pieces ofyour sandwich.

My favorite bites of theEgg Roll were the final ones,because I could really taste allthe flavors without the distractionof it being scalding hot.The consistency of the meat issomewhere between sliced, baked ham and friedSpam; I liked that it was more crisp and meat-likethan the spongy, albeit tasty, canned stuff.

There's more to Giorgino's than just the PorkRoll and the Egg Roll. It's most known for Phillycheesesteak sandwiches on the one and only Amorosorolls, flown in from the City of Brotherly Love.

The thinly sliced beef tastes great any whichway, but it's hard getting into a cheesesteak thatdoesn't have a trace of Whiz. But, the same guywho sold me my Pork Roll said that the WorksCheesesteak ($7.43)—with grilled onions, bellpeppers, mushrooms and white Americancheese—is the best seller.

I'm curious to try the burgers and hot dogs.The quarter-pound Angus cheeseburger—withfries—is only $6.04. I know for a fact that the friesare great; they reminded me of McDonald's, butthicker cut.

Giorgino's is a modest neighborhood joint that'seasy to miss on a drive by. Inside, it recently got afacelift; it's bright with a wrap-around bar and a bigscreen. They also deliver with a minimum purchaseof $20 to $25, depending on your location, whichaverages out to a couple sandwiches and some fries.Bust this idea out on your next couch-potato datenight and see what it gets you for dessert.

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