Nov. 7 2012 02:12 PM

Dennis Covey has a new studio and salon concept

“3 a.m. Under the Bridge” by Dennis Covey

When the San Diego Reader bought the Art Union Building on 23rd Street and Broadway in Golden Hill, its artist tenants were forced to move out. Dennis Covey—a commercial photographer and fine-art sculptor—was one of them, but what he found to replace his 4,000-square-foot studio back in April is bigger in more ways than one.

On a drive through Barrio Logan, Covey came across a 5,000-square-foot warehouse located smack-dab under the Coronado Bridge. With a new view outside his windows, Covey was inspired to photograph six months' worth of life under the bridge, including the falcons that call the tops of its pilings home.

Along with his new series, Under the Bridge, Covey will reveal a different kind of gallery experience at Wide Open: An Evolving Evening of Live Art, from 6 to 10 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 10, at Abridged Gallery (1991 Main St.,

The group show will feature artists Gary Harper, Vicki Leon, Lindsey Jackson and Josh Martindale. Each artist will give a presentation on their work and create something spontaneously, Covey says, to change the perception of what a gallery is.

Abridged Gallery is Covey's studio and will be open only for these monthly art salons.

"We're starting at 6:30 with Gary painting a canvas that body-painted models will become a part of," he says, adding that there's a musical element to it. For the finale, Covey will project his live photo shoot of the painting coming together, and he says there's a big surprise in store.

"The artists [participating] are all involved with other galleries," Covey says, "but we all want to participate in showing our work in a way that  fits our souls."

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