Nov. 7 2012 02:58 PM

Singer-songwriter submits short story for CityBeat contest

Jason New Main - MainPub 1 - Photo by Emily Shur
Love is a 101 word story.
Photo by Emily Shur

    Hundreds of submissions didn't make the cut for this year's Fiction 101 competition. One of them came with a recognizable byline: Jason Mraz. Could it be that the Oceanside-based, Grammy-winning singer-songwriter took time away from promoting his latest album, Love is a Four Letter Word, to enter a 101-word story into our little ol' contest? We checked. Yes, he did.

    While it didn't crack the top 24, we thought it'd be a grave disservice to his fans if we didn't publish Mraz's fiction debut. Without further ado, we give you:

    Untitled by Jason Mraz

    A man with great expectations approached the deep with clenched fists and a full chest. Shivering. Excited. His thirsty heart had led him to the edge many times, but this time would provide his first and last taste of the ocean, finally getting him over being underwhelmed.

    Wading naked in the shallows, an icy broth enveloped his chicken skin, taking his size and breath away. He leaned against a current for only a few seconds before relaxing his body, falling slowly like a tall tree in a flooding forest, allowing the cold, constant, coffee-colored water to consume him. It worked.

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