Nov. 14 2012 10:11 AM

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Know what you eat

Editor's note: The following letter was submitted before voters rejected Prop. 37, but we think the message is still relevant.

Regarding your endorsement of Prop. 37 ["Editorial," Oct. 24], I would like to point out that in addition to there being no long-term safety studies of GMOs, there's in fact a growing body of evidence linking GMOs to harmful effects. In your endorsement you indicate as truthful Prop. 37 opponents' claim that "there's no scientific evidence that GM foods pose a health risk." 

If you don't consider inflammatory bowel diseases, asthma, psoriasis, Celiac disease, c. difficile colitis and a slew of other conditions health risks, then that statement is true. However, there are quite a few peer-reviewed scientific publications linking GMO elements to these very conditions. It perhaps comes down to what one would call "evidence" of a health risk. 

One study published in Nature Biotech shows how the transgene that produces the Roundup Ready protein can integrate into gut bacteria and continue to produce the protein for long periods of time after the GMO food has been digested. This and many other GMO proteins have been shown to be allergenic. Scientists at institutions around the world are exploring links between these GMO elements and a variety of diseases that have become endemic in the U.S. since the use of GMOs became widespread. 

Prop. 37 [would have been] a good starting point for consumers to take a little bit of control back in terms of the food supply and knowing what they're ingesting. I, for one, would like to know if the foods I buy for my family could potentially cause allergenic proteins to be produced in our guts! 

Thanks for the "yes on 37" endorsement, and I look forward to seeing more coverage of the growing local organic farming community in the future.

Jim Snook,

Cheesesteaks and kabobs

I read, with great interest, Amy T. Granite's review of Giorgino's Deli ["Grubby Bitch," Nov. 7]. When I finished reading, I beat a hasty path to this deli.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a Navy brat and grew up on the East Coast. I have family in the greater Philadelphia region. Also, I travel back to the region two or three times a year. So, I know cheesesteaks (none better than Pat's).

Anytime I read about a place that serves genuine cheesesteaks, I'm anxious to try them out. But I am usually disappointed. Typically, I avoid East Coast restaurants that swear by their authentic Mexican food. Same for West Coast restaurants with similar claims about cheesesteaks or deli-style subs. However, all the food at Giorgino's was as good as you described.

I would like to suggest another restaurant for your consideration: Kabob House, 2479 Broadway, Suite A, in Golden Hill. You'll find this restaurant in a strip mall at the corner of 24th and Broadway, across the street from the firehouse.

I'm not a huge fan of Middle Eastern fare, but my wife is. And she swears by this place. It's owned by a Chaldean Christian family. Food is tasty and hot. Prep takes place in full view of the customers. Meat is sliced off a rotating spit. Juicy and full of flavor. They have a very limited menu—four plate meals, three sandwiches and three salads. That's it. They stick with what they know.

I'll be paying closer attention to Granite's reviews in the future.

Bill Purcell,
Golden Hill

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