Nov. 21 2012 09:45 AM

Our readers tell us what they think

    Filner's the ‘real' thing

    Good to see you express qualified happiness about Bob Filner's becoming mayor of San Diego ["Editorial," Nov. 14].

    It's peculiar that you urge Filner to emulate that most shallow opportunist Nathan Fletcher, the handsome Marine and GOP stalwart who was thwarted by the county Republican Party and—poof— turned himself into an independent.

    Filner is a person with a long and distinguished record of public service as a liberal Democratic politician who will run this city with energy and a steady hand. We will see new openness at City Hall to civic improvement across neighborhoods and to regular people who, as Filner amusingly has said, "have been on the menu too long rather than at the table" of power.

    Finally, I have to add that I've known Filner for a long time and have seen him at many events during this long campaign. Never did he appear to me to be what you describe as "chaotic, frenetic or a micromanaging hard charger." He was always funny, direct, personable and down-to-earth. Bob Filner is real, not fake, and will offer San Diegans a breath of fresh air.

    Frances O'Neill Zimmerman, La Jolla

    ‘Spray-can' King memorial

    There's a quite different story of the MLK memorial ["Art & Culture," Nov. 15] painted on the offramp from eastbound State Route 94 to Home Avenue, a longer one than you could put into a magazine article or even into the whole magazine. It's a bookful.

    The short but correct explanation for the unhappiness over the memorial is that the Commission for Arts and Culture and Councilmember Tony Young and his staff were incompetent about and uninterested in this project from the start.

    None of them did the duty they all had to move this project through to completion or to keep residents on both sides of the freeway advised of the status and prospects or even to pay one damned bit of attention to it. Caltrans had to push them with the threat of losing the money.

    Mr. Young has resigned. The chief staff person at the commission has left or will soon be gone. Those are good moves. Remaining staff member Dana Springs is quoted as saying she hadn't received a negative comment. She will get this negative comment: "The work is indeed a spray-can piece on Dr. King. Judy Baca is correct about that."

    The Rev. Dr. King, the residents on both sides of the freeway and the motorists who use it deserved better treatment and deserved a suitable memorial. They didn't get one.

    Jim Varnadore, City Heights

    The creepy Kreep

    Just wanted to say that Dave Maass' Gary Kreep article is superb ["News," Nov. 14]. It's a vital wake-up call. Voters have to be more aware. Most people had no idea who this creep was before the election. I just hope we can get rid of him faster than six years.

    Thanks for bringing this up, and nice research.

    Gerold Firl, Poway


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