Nov. 28 2012 11:28 AM

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Snooty and rude

After reading "Notes from the Smoking Patio" in the Nov. 21 issue, regarding Future of the Left's discontent with The Che Cafe, I was extremely angered.

The Che Cafe is a nonprofit, volunteer-run, DIY venue that is extremely important to San Diego's wonderful punk scene. Volunteers go to great lengths to accommodate touring bands and help them on their road to success. For a band to put them down is outright ungrateful. The reason why the venue doesn't have high-quality equipment is because they give so much money to touring bands. Also, it's a punk venue, for Christ sake. If you're expecting high-quality equipment, then play at House of Blues or something.

Also, the "kids jumping on the van" situation had absolutely nothing to do with the venue. Some kids did a very stupid thing and caused a lot of unfortunate damage, but the volunteers at The Che Cafe went to great lengths to try to make up for it. After all that, for this band to still put the venue down is snooty and rude.

Personally, The Che Cafe means the world to me. I grew up seeing my favorite bands play there and owe my life to the venue. To hear bands be so ungrateful for The Che Cafe and its volunteers is infuriating, especially coming from a band that considers itself to be "punk."

Ali Tadayon, Carlsbad

Loony and lazy

Your comments about Bob Filner and the homeless ["Editorial," Nov. 21] reveal the modern left in all its lunacy and laziness.

First the lunacy: You infer that the problem can be solved by a government if it only has the will and resources. It's funny that Democrat bastions like San Francisco, Portland, Los Angeles, Oakland, Berkeley and others have not made a dent despite Democrat will for decades. Your lunacy is that Filner can somehow do what others can't. Good luck with that. Does he have a magic wand? Simply putting a roof over highly dysfunctional people isn't worth much. This problem requires the subjects to participate.

The biggest lunacy is that government can solve people's problems, even if they don't want them solved! I know one homeless guy pretty well—addict, criminal record, chain smoker, has every excuse in the world why he should live off the taxpayer, has no interest in working, collects permanent disability despite having nothing really wrong. He's typical. I asked him what he produces; he replied, "Not murdering people." Another thing about him and other homeless: He doesn't like being around homeless people! So, you want to put them under one roof! You know nothing.

The laziness: The modern left, in all of its stupidity, believes that commenting and voting to spend other people's money is doing something. The height of laziness. You have done nothing! If you care about the homeless, write a big check to Father Joe's, volunteer or bring a few into your home and rehab them. You make it sound so easy, so do it! Of course, you won't because the modern, lazy left simply states that the government should do it. The only way the lazy left gets its hands dirty is patting itself on the back after doing nothing.

Your approach is a failure; you can't force homeless people to be functional citizens any more than you can force a modern leftist not to be lazy, sitting back and doing nothing but releasing hot air.

The true heroes are the faith-based groups like Father Joe's, because there is caring involved. The government is a cold and inefficient tool for any task. But since it's your religion, you will continue to believe.

Craig Thompson, North Park

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