The holidays are lovely and twinkly and merry, and also a source of near-debilitating anxiety. I started my Christmas shopping in mid-November to ease the stress, but even then, my gift list keeps getting longer and my debit card's magnetic strip is starting to wear out. Last week, we published a gift guide full of cool ideas for the folks on your list. To add to that, here are some more ideas to help you get through the shopping finish line while avoiding the mall, aka, Battlefield Christmas.

Graffiti Beach (2220 Fern St. in South Park) has a bunch of great gifts from indie labels at its brick-and-mortar boutique and online for the fashionable ladies and men in your life. If you have a Pulp Fiction fan to shop for, the Bad Mother Fucker iPhone case ($29) is a perfect idea. It's the 2012 version of the wallet popular with anyone who over-quotes the Tarantino flick, with the words "Bad Mother Fucker" engraved in bamboo. If you're a dude ready to put a ring on it, but maybe not that kind of ring, the shop carries gorgeous rings from Paper Bird Creations that run $18 to $30. Eighteen-gauge wire wraps around pretty, bright-colored stones, like turquoise, sodalite, amethyst and jasper.

Another South Park boutique we love is Progress (2225 30th St). Pick up photographer Todd Selby's latest, Edible Selby, for the amateur chef in your life. The coffee-table book features photos of the kitchens, homes and restaurants of more than 40 fascinating culinary figures, along with a profile and watercolor illustration. Each profile includes a signature recipe. There are even cool refrigerator magnets that come with the book.

If you're shopping for someone who really enjoys their whisky, Pigment (3827 30th St. in North Park) carries Teroforma Whisky Stones ($22). The set of nine stones were milled in Vermont by the oldest soapstone work- shop in the United States. You chill the stones in the freezer, then add them to your whisky for a cool, undiluted drinking experience. If you feel like getting extra fancy, Pigment also sells a Teroforma Whisky Lover Set ($58) that includes six stones and two Avva mouthblown tumblers. Don Draper would swoon. Booze accessories not what you're looking for? There are legions of bacon fans out there needing a Christmas gift, too. Pick up a jar of Empire SmokeyBacon Mayonnaise ($9) as a stocking stuffer. Your giftee can, and will, spread it on anything. They'll probably even eat it straight out of the jar.

If Instagram has convinced a loved one that he or she is now a photographer, Blick Art Materials (1844 India St. in Little Italy) sells Diana Mini lomography 35-millimeter film cameras ($69). You can shoot in two formats that produce vintage-looking pictures in either a retro square frame or half frame that has two images side by side. The cameras are fun to play with, especially for anyone who's really into retro-look- ing photos. (Also check the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park for lots of lomography gear.)

Moms love an adorable kitchen. Add to their cute cooking decor with Noon's () flour-sack-cotton tea towels ($18). They're silkscreened with sweet prints, like a cute marigold-colored daisy and funky orange swirls. They're also super-soft and won't be destroyed by a machine wash. Noon has two locations: 4993 Niagra Ave. in Ocean Beach and 349 N. Hwy. 101 in Solana Beach.

Encinitas' Grounded Modern Living (897 S. Coast Hwy.) is another place full of great gifts, like the Roost Cube Vase ($10.99). The small square vase holds a single flower or a tiny bouquet, making for a modern, minimalist piece of home decor. A pair of these would be awesome for a design-minded friend.

And with that, I hope you're able to put a dent in your shopping list. Buy local and save yourself a headache. That's your Christmas gift to yourself. 


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