Dec. 26 2012 09:54 AM

From Olympics wins to natural disasters, we pack 2012's local headlines into our holiday-time puzzle


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1. Christian-inspired local rock band that won Artist of the Year at the San Diego Music Awards.

5. Congress member with the worst attendance record because he was running for mayor.

7. The grotesque "Unconditional ______" statue was removed from Tuna Harbor Park.

10. After 100 days, this baby San Diego animal was named Xiao Liwu.

14. The "Tea Party Marine" was discharged for posting disparaging remarks about Obama on this social-media site.

17. Military members were allowed to march in

uniform for the first time at this parade.

18. Dr. Bronner's led the charge on Prop. 37, which would've required labeling for ____ foods.

19. In April, this spiritual leader visited San Diego for the first time.

21. Padres third baseman who led the National League in RBIs.

25. Newspaper heir who died of a heart attack in November.

27. Rumor has it this sports team will fire its head coach and general manager at the end of the 2012 season.

28. Ugandan warlord who became a target of Invisible Children's human-rights campaign.

29. Romney's house in La Jolla, news media reported with great amusement, will have a four-car garage with its own ________.

30. Ex-president who championed San Diego as a city of innovation on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

32. Big Bay ___, the fireworks display that accidentally went off all at once.

33. Republican member of Congress unseated by Peters.

37. Profession of local Pulitzer Prize winner Rae Armantrout, who bashed her hometown in Newsweek.

39. City Council member who was elected to replace 26 Down as council president.

40. California restaurants (especially North Park's Urban Solace) were furious about the ban of this food.

43. Mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher's bipartisan supporters created a group called "Movement to the ______."

44. San Diegan Felix Sanchez won the gold medal (for the Dominican Republic) in this 400-meter event.

45. The World ____ Cup was held in San Diego in May. (Local crafters took home 16 medals.)

46. First woman in space, who died in La Jolla in July.

47. According to labor groups (and ultimately the voters), he was too extreme for San Diego.

48. Monsters that invaded Petco Park during Comic-Con and Paradise Point Resort Island during a counterterrorism summit.


1. The word for the automatic budget cuts that have San Diego military, economic and political leaders very worried.

2. One of the deep-fried breakfast cereals available at the county fair (not for rabbits).

3. Acronym for the power station in North County that's been offline much of the year.

4. Ben Affleck picture named "Best Film" by the San Diego Film Critics Society.

6. Former Charger who committed suicide this year.

8. Nickname for the disgraced Congress member who was transferred from federal prison to a halfway house.

9. Pet refugees from Hurricane ______ were shipped to San Diego.

11. Supported by the Yes Men, advocates of this medical treatment punked U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy over the summer.

12. Local school district hammered in the press (starting with blogger Joel Thurtell) over capital-appreciation bonds.

13. What Daniel Chong drank to survive after the DEA accidentally left him in a cell for five days.

15. The kind of fish that was imperiled by the lily-pond water fight in Balboa Park.

16. Some parents in Encinitas flipped out over this form of exercise being taught in schools.

20. Theatrical adaptation of The Flaming Lips' ______ Battles the Pink Robots opened at the La Jolla Playhouse.

22. Jillian Hanson-Cox, who sat on the _______ City Council, pleaded guilty to federal embezzlement charges.

23. Downtown record store (we use the term loosely) that finally closed down.

24. Chula Vista singer ______ Sanchez made it to the top two on American Idol.

26. City Council member who stepped down to accept a job with the American Red Cross.

31. Rep. Issa led an effort to hold this official in contempt of Congress.

33. Word to describe Judge-Elect Gary Kreep in terms of his crusade against Obama.

34. A San Diego company sold out of this character costume thanks to Mitt Romney.

35. San Diego County Taxpayers Association opposed the Prop. J school bond measure with ads decrying the financing of this electronic device.

36. Two San Diegans died in a siege on the U.S. embassy in this city.

38. Jason Mraz's four-letter word.

41. The centerpiece show of U-T San Diego's new U-T TV, "Scott, B.R. + _____."

42. East County murder victim Shaima Alwadi was a refugee from this country.

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