Jan. 2 2013 09:45 PM

How I plan to do better by you in 2013

Beer! Learning! More beer!
Ian Cheesman

New Year's resolutions may be a bit of a cliché, but I contend that they're still important. They can be remarkable tools for self-improvement. Even when they're ultimately colossal failures, they can still be a great way to flesh out a To Do list for the first week of January. Feeling productive is on the continuum to being productive, right? That's why I'm using this forum to expose the steps I'm taking to improve your CityBeat reading experience (shy of quitting and allowing someone capable to write here, of course).

New Beer's Resolution No. 1: Master the sour—or banish it forever. Sour beers have long been a source of inner conflict for me. On one hand, I care dearly about the world of beer and wish to have a palate educated on all aspects of it. On the other hand, ew. You seriously expect me to drink that glorified vinegar?

Sours, I'm giving you one last chance to make a convert of me. I will sample you diligently this year, and if my fandom is not secured, we must go our separate ways.

New Beer's Resolution No. 2: Try new breweries monthly. I was enjoying a run-of-the-mill family dinner when an in-law shared a recent experience at Indian Joe's Brewery. Because I'd never visited Indian Joe's, I just had to sit there and let a beer anecdote unfold that somehow didn't prominently feature me. It was sickening. Never again. I'll be more aggressive in exploring San Diego's vast brewing outlets so that no other dinner parties need suffer this indignity.

New Beer's Resolution No. 3: Make beer special again. During the last few months, I've been on a quest to drop some excess weight. Unfortunately for me, it wasn't one of the many diet plans that required copious beer consumption, so adjustments were made. I managed to meet my goal, which arrived with an interesting side effect: Absence rekindled my love of the brew. It just goes to show that if you love something, set it free (especially if that thing is a beer, because it's pretty sedentary and drinking it later won't be a problem). 

It's always fun to swill, but don't forget to savor the amazing beers we have at our fingertips.

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