Jan. 2 2013 10:20 PM

Ruines ov Abaddon, Interrobang and Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver are just some of the bands we're jazzed about this week

Sum 41

Wednesday, Jan. 2

PLAN A: The Short Eyes, The Dull Drums, Treemotel @ The Griffin. The Short Eyes describe themselves as "dirt pop," but they're pretty much just another goofy garage band. Far dirtier are The Dull Drums, a trio from Oklahoma whose ear-splitting, reverb-caked riffs have a fuzzed-out, Sabbath-y lurch. 

Thursday, Jan. 3

PLAN A: Schitzophonics, Gone Baby Gone, The Touchies, Hocus @ The Casbah. What Schitzophonics lack in hit songs they more than make up for with high-endurance zaniness. While his bandmates hold it down with straight-ahead rock rhythms, guitarist Pat Beers flips out like Jimi Hendrix on a six pack of Four Loko, pulling off soulful solos in a fit of wild thrashing. PLAN B: Interrobang, Love & The Skull, Ryan Andrew Fox @ The Ruby Room. Local outfit Interrobang take their name from a punctuation mark that combines a question with an exclamation (? or ?!), and their music is just as kooky as that would suggest. They often hop from genre to genre and mood to mood, and their songs are packed with everything from proggy synth lines to spy-movie-style guitar licks. BACKUP PLAN: The Fixtures, Michael McGraw and The Butchers, The Midwinters @ Soda Bar.

Friday, Jan. 4

PLAN A: Homeless Sexuals, The Mice, The Red Devil Squadron, New Rome Quartet, Moosejaw @ Soda Bar. Thrifty punk rockers would be wise to scope out the latest installment of "Dave Buck's Dollar Show," a showcase organized by Homeless Sexuals frontman Davit Buck. The cover is $1, and the bar will have $1 special drink shots, which all but guarantees that everyone will be plastered by the time Buck's band starts cranking out their frenetic, tongue-in-cheek tunes. PLAN B: Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver, Fluf, Black Hondo, Ghetto Blaster @ The Casbah. Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver and Fluf were both bands you likely would've seen at The Casbah in the mid-'90s. Now, as part of a month-long series of shows celebrating the club's 24th anniversary, they're back to lay down some beefy, old-school indie-rock. BACKUP PLAN: Pato Banton, Shoreline Rootz @ Belly Up Tavern. 

Saturday, Jan. 5

PLAN A: DJ Monsterpussy, DJ Freak Sauce, Madame Ur y Sus Hombres, PL DVNA, Vampire Slayer, Batwings @ Visual (3524 Adams Ave., 6 p.m.). Local production duo Snail Trail Media recently made a documentary about art and music in Tijuana, and they've put together a diverse bill to celebrate its premiere. While Batwings' spazzy hardcore punk harks back to early Antioch Arrow, Madame Ur's sultry indie-jazz is fit for a smoke-filled lounge. PLAN B: Ruines ov Abaddon, Eukaryst, Imbalanced, Ashen Earth @ Eleven. Ruines ov Abaddon always get nice and evil with their theatrical black-metal, but I'm just as eager to check out Eukaryst, a band of head-banging longhairs who love to shred. BACKUP PLAN: The Farmers, Dave Alvin, Steve Berlin, Mojo Nixon, Joey Harris and The Mentals, Nancarrow @ Belly Up Tavern.

Sunday, Jan. 6

PLAN A: Aeges, Sleep Lady, The Tall Ships @ Soda Bar. L.A. metalers Aeges are way more radio-friendly than, say, Converge, but their heavy riffs and polished melodies hew more toward Deftones than Linkin Park. Don't miss locals Sleep Lady, who cross dreamy shoegaze with crushing doom-metal. 

Monday, Jan. 7

PLAN A: Barbarian, Dirty Sirens, Buddy Banter @ Soda Bar. I've been meaning to check out Barbarian—their trippy new surf-punk tune "Daze of Youth" is pretty catchy. But I won't be too bummed if I can't make it tonight: They're doing a month-long residency at Soda Bar, playing every Monday in January. PLAN B: Hyena, Family Wagon, Boy King @ The Casbah. Speaking of month-long Monday residencies, classic-rockers Family Wagon will hold it down at The Casbah in January. Still, I'd be more interested in getting freaky on the dance floor to Hyena's smooth, sexy electro-pop. BACKUP PLAN: David Frances @ Tin Can Ale House.

Tuesday, Jan. 8

PLAN A: Sum 41, iamdynamite, Hunter Valentine @ House of Blues. Remember Sum 41? In 2001, they were a band of spikey-haired misfits who played hook-laden pop-punk that you couldn't help but have fun listening to. Alas, they've gotten more serious in the years since, making for some buzz-kill tunes. Here's hoping they'll let loose with classic hits like "Fat Lip" and "In Too Deep." BACKUP PLAN: VAMPIRE, Collision Creation, AAIMON @ The Casbah.

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