Feb. 6 2013 04:02 PM

Ever-evolving songwriter is skipping town for the big city

Paul Remund
Photo by Paul Remund

Big changes are in store for Paul Remund. Hes no longer playing in the performance-art group Cathedral X. Hes quit his job and sold many of his belongings, including his guitar and amp. Later this month, hell shove off for a new home in New York City.

Im totally free right now, Remund tells CityBeat. It would be a good opportunity to put my electronic stuff in a suitcase and just fly out there, and just explore the city and have an experience.

Its the latest move for a musician who always seems to be evolving. After playing in the indie-rock combo Tape Deck Mountain and starting his own indie band, the now-defunct Chairs Missing, he ditched the indie-songwriter world last year in favor of Cathedral Xs abstract, multimedia approach. Working with his girlfriend at the time, Amanda Shoepflin, he laid down complex rhythms and built elaborate sculptures for their visceral live shows.

Remund says he doesnt plan to pick up the guitar again anytime soon. For now, hes focusing on a new project, Light Vision, in which he uses a Casio keyboard, home-made pedals and Reason music software to make hypnotic, improvisational electronic music in the spirit of German krautrock.

Everything that I do is just a direct transposition or expression of what Im going through, he says about his move toward electronic music. Now, this is my voice. My voice has just changed. Who knows, maybe after I move to New York and I experience some things, Ill be like, Yeah, well, now I gotta learn the oboe. 

When he gets there, hell link up with his buddy Travis Trevisan, his former Tape Deck bandmate, and Andy and James Ralph from Writer, who left San Diego in early 2012. Before he leaves, though, Remund will hold a goodbye show at Tin Can Ale House on Tuesday, Feb. 12, where hell unveil Light Vision and put up some of his paintings and sculptures. The show is special for him because itll be held at the Tin Can, the cozy bar he used to run with Kelsey Breunig.

Its kind of, in a way, closure of my past relationships and musical endeavors and the city, he says. Also, [its] a way for me to be, like, I exist! I exist as a being!

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