Feb. 13 2013 02:17 PM

Penises will be everywhere at Kettner Arts

prudence horne penis 2

The female form is no stranger to the art world. However, the way women have been portrayed in local art didnt sit well with Anna Stump, Prudence Horne and Daphne Hill.

After viewing Ryan McGuiness female nudes exhibited in his show Women: New (Re) Presentations at Quint Contemporary Art, the group, along with fellow female artist Heidi Galeria, decided to turn the tables on the men.

The result is Members Only, an exhibition that makes the penis the muse, opening from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 23, at Kettner Arts (2400 Kettner Blvd. in Little Italy).

In San Diego theres been a show or two that was really objectifying women, which we have no problem with except that we want artists to talk about it, Stump says. We didnt feel that it was addressed at all, and so it was sort of an organic thing where we said, Hey, lets do some objectification of men, but lets do it very consciously.

For this exhibition, Stump will present life-size illustrations of flaccid and partially erect penises in negative space. The pieces wont be titled. Theyll simply be accompanied by each models height.

Hill will show collage pieces incorporating vintage Dick-and-Jane illustrations, images of penises from medical books and drawings of syphilis bacteria as it would appear under a microscope, while Galeria will present fine-art photographs of penises.

For her piece, Horne will cover a wall with more than 100 candy-colored pop drawings of male members.

Its sort of a taboo subject, Stump says. But it doesnt have to be.

Even still, the artists are asking for children to be left with a babysitter for this one.

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