March 6 2013 02:35 PM

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


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1. Broadcasts, as seeds

5. Big initials in conspiracy theories

8. Federico Fellini's birthplace

14. Rhyme scheme at the beginning of "Can't Knock the Hustle"

15. Mighty long time

16. Encourages with chicken taunts, say

17. Chef's note-to-self after dispensing soup with a measuring cup?

19. Left by someone

20. Economic bloc headquartered in Indonesia

21. One-named singer with "Die Young"

23. Shifty

24. Holy lecture

26. Braxton of Billboard

28. Platonic utensil that clashes with the other utensils?

34. Relieve oneself

36. How insistent sentences might be typed

37. It falls in winter

38. "Apocalypto" person

40. Coworkers of RNs

41. ___ voce (quietly)

42. Sizes above meds.

43. With everything, say

45. Lady octopus

46. Dishware emblazoned with the Ten Commandments?

49. "Master and Margarita" locale

50. Portmanteau in pitching

53. Inflationary meas.

56. Disease named after a Congolese river

59. How sun-dried tomatoes might be packed

60. Naked Lady

62. Cookware gorgeously adorned?

64. Major event in golf or tennis

65. Pooh-poohing word

66. Move, to a Realtor

67. Where one might hear a mazurka

68. Placeholder in a bracket

69. "Think of it ___ investment"


1. Viking stories

2. Really moving the needle, in a way

3. It's read for flow

4. Hanging in a deli

5. A Clampett

6. Ordinary people

7. Bender one might go on before getting engaged?

8. Cinnamon candy

9. Cold-blooded, scaly vegetarian

10. "2001: A Space Odyssey" studio

11. Businesses that sprang up in the ‘90s

12. Liam's brother in Oasis

13. "Last Crusade" protagonist, casually

18. Having nothing to breathe

22. Rises to the challenge

25. Three-time all-star reliever Robb

27. "In that event ..."

29. U.S. transit system that spans two states and a district

30. In a crazy way

31. About to fall

32. Uncritical learning style

33. Name that would be super easy to clue if this puzzle were in Korean

34. Hold from the top, as a basketball

35. Big name in golf carts

39. Bible study 101 guy

41. Preserve hermetically, as flavor

43. Break up

44. Sizes above 42-Across

47. Lame, with an accompanying hand gesture

48. Reindeer's biome

51. John Cale's instrument

52. 57-Down advocate John

53. PC key near "home"

54. Just meh

55. "The Voice" alternative, briefly

57. Queer initialism

58. Like Steve Jobs, partly

61. One may be hoppy

63. "Puzzle solved"


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