March 20 2013 10:15 AM

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


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1. Former UN leader Hammarskjöld 

[Note: The circled letters comprise a three-word instruction that, when applied to one square in the completed grid, reveals a group who might follow a code of silence]

4. Private invasion, with "the"

8. Wells' genre

13. Card game with its own deck

14. Major microcredit organization

15. "Shoot!"

16. Certain mind tricks

19. Networking event, often

20. Singer Mann with a "Big Lebowski" role

21. Eisenhower Executive Office Building figs.

22. White stuff, commercially

23. Common Asian place suffix

24. Salinger and Souther, e.g.

27. "Buy it for looks. Buy it for life" sloganeer

28. Aussie airport code

29. Texted question of concern

30. Means of transport when you're late?

32. Unhelpful implements in janitors' closets

34. Like some urban legends

37. Name in soccer cleats

38. Butt byproduct

41. "Greetings, friend!"

42. Palindromic Dutch city

43. Harper's Bazaar artist

44. ___ Maria

45. They're shorter than full-lengths

48. Producer of material for bats

49. Pageant winner who also won at the "USA" and "Universe" levels in 2012

54. Making-of

55. Eats into, as rock

56. Bombeck who wrote "Motherhood: The Second Oldest Profession"

57. Magician Geller who beefed with James Randi

58. Exchange numbers?

59. One unlikely to veg out

60. Hotmail owner


1. Fool

2. Fixed payment

3. Runs through the neighborhood naked and covered in oatmeal, say

4. Perfume with famously racy ads

5. Actor's delivery

6. It's in the same family as Budget

7. Opaque campaign supporters, briefly

8. Holds' cousins, for baseball relievers

9. Lit ___

10. Baby's first tooth, often

11. Voldemort portrayer

12. "You're never getting that thing back"

15. Like, super intense to think about

17. Countenance

18. Place to get a title: Abbr.

24. Group of twelve, often

25. Period

26. FaceTime alternative

27. Hungry niño's request

29. Tear

30. You can't go there again, it's said

31. Org. to be headed by Gina McCarthy, soon

32. Org. currently headed by Michele

33. It may be slung

34. Senate room

35. Mediterranean resort area

36. Visible range

38. Piece of esoterica

39. Wake and bake practitioners

40. Enters

43. Fashion magazine since 1945

45. Beach birds

46. Degs. that result in jobs, eventually, I hope

47. "No! No! Tzat guy's try to take my drink way but I not finisht!" speaker

48. Leave ___ (mark permanently)

50. Fries or slaw, say

51. Only batted, briefly

52. Gateway Arch designer Saarinen

53. "Woe ___!"


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