Heather Locklear made a great career move in the 1990s when she joined the cast of Melrose Place as a special guest star. She was so good as Amanda Woodward, the mega-bitch ad executive, that she never left the show.

Quality Social (789 Sixth Ave., Downtown) is taking a page out of Aaron Spelling's casting book with the new 91X-sponsored guest DJ series No Request Thursdays. Every Thursday night, resident DJ Mike Delgado will be joined at the turntables by a guest DJ. Together, the boss selectors will get the party poppin' by spinning 91X-approved indie and rock tunes. Drink specials, like $3 shots and tall cans and $6 Moscow mules, will also ensure a Friday hangover.

While a long-running guest spot for a DJ with the power to get the club bumpin' is great, those appearances kind of lose their novelty after about three weeks. For an extra-special night out with guest DJs, head to Voyeur (755 Fifth Ave. in Downtown) and party with Sex Panther. The electronic-music duo are taking over where defunct party rockers LMFAO left off by dealing outrageous club jams themed on overt sexuality, getting wasted and partying all night. While their outfits aren't nearly as ridiculous as Redfoo and SkyBlu's, they still bring the antics. Videos of the hard-partying tag team waving light sabers from their groins and dancing amidst the crowd are all over YouTube. If you're in the mood to get crazy on the dance floor, check out these guys on Friday, March 22.

Not much for the frenetic sounds of the party-rock scene? U-31 (3112 University Ave. in North Park) will have a cooler night of clubbing with special guest DJ Morse Code on Saturday, March 23. The DJ's known for blending everything from rap to Motown to disco with electronic beats to create grooves ripe for dancing or even just bobbing your head at the bar.

Now, go out and be special.

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