March 27 2013 01:07 PM

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


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1. Be very single-minded

7. Hurl

11. "Pal"

14. Scrilla

15. Person in a congressional sex scandal, perhaps

16. Gp. that sets up international tours for bands

17. Big name in truffles

18. Doomsday weapon operated by George Michael?

20. Classic anime picture

22. State with controversial ID laws

23. Ancient Greek author's gig?

29. Vichyssoise vessels

30. Doing much more than cqtm

31. Blue and yellow big-box

32. Feel blue or see red

35. Certain striated muscle, briefly

38. "Arrrr, keep your electroshock weapon away from this here chicken stock!"

42. "That's the whole story?"

43. Text in any of several Eastern religions

44. State where Paul Newman was born

45. Protested during a national anthem, say

46. Vibe

49. Part of the year marking everything being OK?

53. Smurfette's old man

54. Genre most white people hated until "Saturday Night Fever"

55. Interplanetary graffiti artist's action?

58. Epoch with lots of fish

63. Big name in stereo cables

64. Indiana Democrat Evan who retired in 2010

65. More likely to scowl at puppies and such

66. Letters on guns at the ballpark

67. Send from office

68. Mitt Romney's roof-dog's name


1. 2010 Usher hit featuring

2. Word that might fix a spastic diaphragm

3. Links surface

4. Yale of Yale

5. Columnist Dan who coined "santorum"

6. Frightened

7. Napoleonic blade

8. "For Whom the Bell Tolls" lady

9. Domain ender that UC Berkeley was one of the first schools to adopt

10. Soaked

11. Mexican ass

12. Bolt who ran a 9.58 in the 100

13. Dudes, in ‘90s pop culture names

19. Try to grab, as a cab

21. Be firm

23. Peak for Zeus

24. Golden potato

25. Have a hot hashtag

26. James gang?

27. Plant that's bad for dogs and cats

28. Stiff area?

33. Article for Marx

34. Reputations

35. Frequent subject for TMZ

36. Like badly hung paintings

37. Egyptian god with a baboon head

39. ___ Bomba (hydrogen bomb nickname)

40. Erotic opening?

41. Fantasy sports league option

45. Obeyed the dentist

47. Big Pun and Lil Wayne

48. J.B. who plays Leon on "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

49. Benjamin Jealous is its CEO

50. Kingmaker of Drs. Phil and Oz

51. Occasions for many Facebook greetings, briefly

52. What dying people might see, with "the"

53. Curltastic ‘80s style

56. "Girls" airer

57. Letter that some feel should have its own day, rather than pi having Pi Day

59. "Argo" org.

60. West ___ (fancy furniture store)

61. Krautrock band that split from Kraftwerk

62. -ists' relatives


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