Here in Seen Local, and in "The Short List," too, we like to guide you to interesting art openings around town. However, sometimes we miss good stuff. In this semi-regular feature, we'd like to send you to check out cool exhibitions that we spaced on in the weeks before.

ArtLab Studios (3536 Adams Ave. in Normal Heights) recently opened Vice Squad of Passion, a collection of lithographs by local artist Marilyn Mitchell that's on view through Monday, April 1. Her pieces provide interesting social commentary on a wide range of subjects, including war, love and superstition.

Mitchell's piece "Prayer" is particularly moving, says ArtLab manager David Rodger. The 1,162-inch piece features drawings on newspaper of 1,000 soldiers who've been killed in Iraq. It's accompanied by a prayer written by the artist.

"We were sitting here nonchalantly thinking, If you could draw each of these in half an hour, you'd have over 700 hours that it took to produce this one piece," Rodger says. "This and her other pieces are very impactful. It makes people think, and that's what art is supposed to do. It means something different to everyone."

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