Certain moments—whether it's meeting the love of your life or when things all seem to go your way—are often described as magic. For arts organization Magic Brotherhood, the moments that are most magical are those that bring people together to experience creative expression.

The project (facebook.com/magikbrotherhood, magicbrotherhood.blogspot.com) was started a couple of years ago by Danica Molenaar and Robert Khasho in Portland, Ore.

"We would argue about art all the time, but I think we both saw that as passion," Molenaar says via email. "We wanted to open up our dialogue to anyone willing to have it. That's kind of where it all began. I spend most of my free time playing music or painting. I guess I'm kind of obsessed with art and the people that create it. It gets me going, and I suppose that's what drives Magic Brotherhood."

Since relocating to San Diego, the outfit has promoted art with events and commissioned projects, bringing creative people together to visualize ideas and see them through.

"Even though Magic Brotherhood is still in its first year in San Diego, I think it has helped bring a lot of different kinds of people together," Molenaar says. "A lot of times when strangers cross paths, it's a great way to learn about the things that we share with others. Many times we learn that we share appreciation for similar art and music... That's the magic brotherhood."

One of the regular events Magic Brotherhood holds is an artist's showcase at Tin Can Ale House in Bankers Hill (1863 Fifth Ave.) every second Tuesday of the month. The organization curates an exhibition featuring a local artist and also invites whichever band is on the bill that evening to take part in a jam session dubbed "Freakout Jam."

The next showcase, on Tuesday, April 9, will feature photography by Noa Azoulay-Sclater, owner of Feather Love Photography. Sacri Monti will perform their brand of psychedelic rock and take part in the Freakout Jam after their set.

The Brotherhood is currently working on a documentary with Kajiki Productions about Space 4 Art, the Downtown nonprofit arts center that hosts live experimental music, exhibits art of all kinds and provides live / work space for artists.

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