April 3 2013 12:53 PM

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


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1. Blow sound

5. They start with 7-Down

8. Nicks and Buckingham bandmate

13. It might prevent a gas explosion

14. Necklace in Obama's birth state

15. Bill mentioned often in the course of 2008 presidential mudslinging

16. Sheets for shoppers

17. Seven-foot golf assistant?

19. Boundary

20. Commit election fraud, perhaps

21. Restraint choice for a root beer magnate's dog?

24. Beastie Boys rapper who died in 2012

27. Low-rent NYC building

28. Her full name has just one vowel repeated four times (aaaaand this entry officially jumps the shark)

29. Array of food

32. They're beneficial to the core

35. Barbera's partner in animation

36. "Jacques, I rate your face a perfect score, but your butt is tres mediocre!"

40. Met field

41. Cops might make them wail

42. Heavily Hispanic California region

44. Tribe near Salt Lake City

45. Bon ___ (witticism)

48. Banned bug killer

49. Device that automatically cooks a certain French dish "au vin"?

53. Car company that makes the Tribeca

56. Middle alternative?

57. Copy of a copy of a Persian Gulf republic?

60. Historic European waterway, to the

61. Sucks or blows, as it were

62. A Turner

63. Certain minced oaths

64. Mr. T's crew

65. Scottish criminal

66. Gross lid issue


1. City where Bach, Goethe, and Marlene Dietrich lived

2. Company whose Monopoly is fully legal

3. Not contemp.

4. Like someone smoking in bed, stereotypically

5. Small business's designation

6. Tone similar to eggshell

7. See 5-Across

8. Wrap condiment

9. A doctor might tell you to cut it out

10. Fierce

11. Kaplan of indie rock fame

12. Atty.'s letters

13. Fails to reserve a juicy bit

18. Saves for later, in a way, as "Girls"

22. "Moving ___ the next topic, please ..."

23. Big dummies

25. Yankee Robinson who was MVP of the 2013 World Baseball Classic

26. ___ Yauch (real name of 24-Across)

30. Long-distance options

31. "Foiled!"

32. Two of four, e.g.: Abbr.

33. Golden ratio letter

34. Truth ___ (what the U.S. military once hoped LSD could be)

36. For all kinds of students, in a way

37. Popular glowing rectangle

38. Domestic decision for a duck

39. It lost to VHS in part because the porn industry didn't adopt it

43. Celebrity-endorsed diet supplement berry

45. Company lover?

46. Like much modern shopping and dating

47. Terrifying (or at least super-irritating) group for anyone who isn't their age, often

50. Senator Hatch

51. One might scare a visitor to California

52. Zildjian product

54. Chemical in fertilizer

55. Practice with blindfolds and gags, for short

57. Sked note where a cancellation happened, maybe

58. Blockbuster

59. "That which was to be demonstrated,"
in proofs


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