April 10 2013 11:06 AM

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


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1. Gem

6. Places for piercings

11. Flight coordinators in a union busted by Reagan: Abbr.

14. 2011 hurricane that hit New York City

15. Submit an April return, the modern way

16. "___ Carter" (Lil Wayne's fourth record)

17. With 34-Across, petulant dynast of Rebecca Black's empire?

20. Discharge

21. "Dies ___" (Day of Wrath)

22. "Keep your pants on"

27. Each of the titles in this puzzle's theme answers, e.g.

30. Her image was stolen in 1911 and recovered in 1913

33. Military academy freshmen

34. See 17-Across

36. Leader who was born in Burma and who died in Myanmar

37. With 50-Across, renegades working for a network of backpacking lodges?

46. Line on a check

49. Game that required the Zapper

50. See 37-Across

52. Gem surfaces

53. Gernreich who designed a scandalous monokini

54. Sound of laughter

57. Weapon recovered from a preserved body at Area 51?

65. The Wings, on the scoreboard

66. "I can have this?"

67. Test outcome that once might have classified someone as a "moron"

68. Dreyer's partner in ice cream

69. Late-night host with a self-titled show

70. Hamlet's cousins?


1. Brand that's not for peanut allergy sufferers

2. "Uhh ..."

3. Twice, Chinese dissident artist Ai's given name

4. Doors classic, with "The"

5. Agriculturalist's field?

6. Member of the inaugural class of inductees to the National Toy Hall of Fame

7. "The Wizard ___"

8. One may help you clean up your junk

9. 2003 Will Ferrell holiday movie

10. Deep body, often

11. Palpitating

12. "The Work of Art in ___ of Mechanical Reproduction"

13. Drew and Mariah

18. "#!*@% paper cut!"

19. Like many a bathroom floor

22. Mischievous World of Warcraft figure

23. Neither partner

24. ___ Nuevo (Spanish New Year)

25. Morvan of Milli Vanilli (i.e., the one who's still alive)

26. Leader of leaders?

28. Tech school for crossword champ Tyler Hinman

29. Skilled at something, in slang

31. Hentai, e.g.

32. Having broken out as a teenager?

35. Streaming TV site

37. Sportscaster and NBA Hall of Famer Brown

38. Musician who's probably going to end up in your grid when you've got 33 3-letter words

39. Babe's milieu

40. Protagonist in the highest-grossing film of 1985

41. Letters for the wanted

42. Chemical featured at some modern dispensaries

43. French street

44. Pick, briefly, in football

45. Cadillac luxury vehicle introduced in 2013

46. Chafe

47. Torn to bits, as by a lion

48. David Bowie's "Space ___"

51. Reject rudely

55. Austen novel adapted by the BBC in 2009

56. "Right on, preacher"

58. Org. where Dallas is in the East and St. Louis is in the West, for some reason

59. Remark while on grass?

60. Noted three-ingredient sandwich

61. Head across the pond?

62. "The otters are holding hands!"

63. Aural affront

64. Messes with the bass, say, as a DJ


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