April 10 2013 03:27 PM

Plus, an online prankster hits a local band

Mrs. Magician
Photo by Molly Barrack

Jacob Turnbloom of Mrs. Magician is one lucky guy. In March, someone swiped all of Turnbloom's gear and some of the band's merchandise from his car as it was parked outside his apartment in La Mesa. Last week, he got some of it back.

Turnbloom announced via Facebook that Santee police retrieved his amp, pedals and guitar from a man who'd bought them through Craigslist and turned them in after realizing they'd been stolen. (The stolen merch hasn't been recovered.)

In an extra twist of luck, Turn bloom says that before he got the stolen gear back, a fan from North Carolina who'd heard about the theft mailed him an amp and a guitar free of charge.

"He said he did what he did as a way to pay it forward, and he wants me to keep the amp and guitar," Turnbloom says in an email.

"I was lucky and intend to pay it forward in the future."

Has someone contacted you on Facebook, offering to invite people to "Like" your band's profile page in exchange for administrative access? Yeah, that's a scam.

As was first reported on CityBeat's music blog—Check 1, Check 2—Mr. Tube & The Flying Objects learned that the hard way last week, when frontman Pall Jenkins handed over administrative powers to a woman by the name of Liz Starks after she proposed just such a deal.

Mr. Tube member Brad Lee says that Starks then removed him and Jenkins as administrators and started posting vulgar comments and photos on Mr. Tube's page, including an image of "a weird fish that looked like a giant penis."

Lee had the page deleted and started a new one.

"We think it's really funny," he says of the incident.

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