April 17 2013 10:12 AM

Our readers tell us what they think

Dyer propaganda

I read Joel Dyer's ruminations and selective interpretation of disenfranchised Americans about to terrorize the homeland ["News," March 20]. 

Cleverly weaving dissociative events, statements, belief systems by individuals and fringe groups, he has painted a highly inflammatory and inaccurate picture of present historical events. I would even daresay it's a propaganda piece written to fan the flames of division and hatred of various Americans in an attempt to glorify federal-government policies and practices. 

Mr. Dyer would gladly classify anyone who objects to official government narrative as mentally unstable and potentially violent. That link is not played out in the truth of history the past 20 years. Did the militia kill thousands of Iraqis, Afghanis, Libyans, etc.? Does the militia have space weapons, million-man armies, drones, spy satellites, etc.? Please, the only fear is fear of a powerful state. This is the historically accurate truth of violence: 99 percent is state-sponsored terrorism, 1 percent is rogue terrorist (90 percent are directed by FBI informants).

P.S.  Has Mr. Dyer ever accepted money from government organizations or individuals? 

John H. Eisenhart, North Park

District 4's watershed

Regarding the District 4 San Diego City Council special election ["Editorial," March 20]: The Chollas watershed runs through much of District 4 and is a sensitive natural region that has taken recent interest for some of the locals, organizations and even Tony Young. He made an appearance at two recent cleanup efforts hosted by Groundwork San Diego that I participated in, and he expressed his appreciation for the hard work being put into its restoration. 

Mr. Young also expressed some lofty aspirations to ultimately remove much of the concrete drainage system that has replaced the natural habitat. Point being, the watershed is something that has etched a special place in my heart and is an area of desperate need and ongoing dedicated TLC. Have any of the council hopefuls expressed that he or she is District 4's environmental candidate? 

Michael Gharet, Encanto

Editor's note: Candidate Dwayne  Crenshaw has garnered endorsements from two key local environmental groups: the Environmental Health & Justice Campaign and the League of Conservation Voters—San Diego.


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