April 17 2013 12:01 PM

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


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1. Briefly, Bay Area force

5. Prefix with "gram," in medical imaging

10. Point that might help protect a
fenced-in area

14. Shallowest of the Great Lakes

15. Mugs for the crowd, perhaps?

16. Burger King drink purchase

17. Break in the rhythm

18. Deal for a new baseball card

19. Style for a certain vocal improviser

20. Org. for one making an album of a cappella

22. Noted composer Charles who, in his lifetime, few even knew

23. "That's gonna leave a mark ..."

24. Prefix with "gram" for a
darkroom-created pic

25. Area of expertise for a CPA

26. Prefix with "gram" for sharing shots on
the web

27. Not some fuddy-duddy, man

28. The Indians, in a box score

30. Fleming, who created James Bond

32. Nearly infinite period

33. Nickname for Nicole Polizzi

35. Liable to do something slapdash

37. Shape formed by connecting the circled letters in alphabetical order, plus one more connection back to A

39. Hostage responders, often

42. TV/movie sisters who rock a lot of Gucci

46. One was opened on a jar by Pandora

47. Prefix that, with "gram," refers to a crossword using every letter of the alphabet

48. Prefix that, with "gram," describes names like Vivian Darkbloom and Mr. Mojo Risin'

49. NASA's "all systems go"

50. Asimov who was extraordinarily prolific

52. In slang, chilled out

54. Brutish

56. Sounds from young Siamese or
Burmese, e.g.

57. ___ A (event at which a famous person might say hi)

58. Take out for food, as a team

59. "Mad Men" character Harris periodically involved with Roger Sterling

60. Ruin, as a beaver's construction

62. Letters on the Allied side in WWII

63. Memo header that looks like an abbrev.

64. Sauce made with garlic and olive oil

65. "Nuthin' ___ ‘G' Thang" (Dr. Dre song for which MTV censored the video)

66. Dutch artist Jan van der ___, who painted landscapes

67. Had some nerve

68. Point opposite the nadir


1. Angels sometimes shown around the Madonna

2. Refill, as an item from the menu

3. Joe who in the ‘80s had a comedy special on HBO

4. Coup ___ (government takeover, say)

5. Jenny Holzer or Matthew Barney output

6. Rock common in South Africa

7. Tropical fruit that's fiber-rich

8. Librarian's assignment

9. Works by Horace

10. Shaggy plains animal

11. For example, any of the women who claimed to have had sex for money with Sen. Robert Menendez

12. Key device, in the nuclear power biz

13. West Virginia college about an hour north of WVU

21. Old Windows PDA that could be synced to a desktop

26. Drug that's breathed

29. Beginning for a form filler-outer

31. Moses's bro

34. ___ out (withdraw)

35. "___ the Walrus"

36. Speaker's hesitations

38. Nation that borders the Democratic Republic of the Congo

39. Gas station snack with a spicy flavor

40. Mystic

41. Spybot alternative

43. Grows less harsh

44. A lack of refinement

45. Big name in airline ranking

48. Hurry up, in a Speedy Gonzalez cartoon

51. Actor Ed from Missouri

53. Ewoks' moon

55. CuraÁao neighbor

57. Campus area

61. Neither high nor low


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