April 23 2013 05:24 PM

From The Pleasure Seekers to Grimes, here's the music they can't get enough of

Photo by Rapha?l Ouellet

A semi-regular feature in which we ask folks in the local music scene about the music they're digging. 

Josh Damigo: "Nina Storey, Think Twice—came out last week, and I can't get over it. 'This Naked Woman' will make every part of your body want to be touched. Think Adele, but sweeter."

Diana De Ath, Chinese Rocks / The El Vez Punk Rock Revue: "Every rocker girl knows about The Runaways, but back in 1960s Detroit, there was an all-female garage band called The Pleasure Seekers. They were Suzi Quatro's first group; my friend Anja recently turned me on to them, and I really wanted to kick myself for not discovering them sooner, but now my life is better for knowing."

Ian "Heresy" Døsland, VAMPIRE: "The band Nite Ritual's songs 'Anointed in Blood' and 'Shadows' are my favorite Occult Wave songs, and I listen to them every time I'm going out for a night ride. But when I really have to bang my f'ing head, I blast San Diego doom-metal band Dagnir. The song 'Causality / Red Moon' is like a reincarnation of early Sabbath that makes me want to grow my hair out and start a revolution!" 

Sean Burdeaux, Paper Forest / Get Off the Map: "My friend just got me really into The Dodos. I love their songwriting and lyrics—super-powerful and really big-sounding, awesome percussion. I also have a fat crush on Grimes (I saw her at Coachella today and got her autograph and a picture taken with her!)."

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