April 30 2013 06:28 PM

Killing Joke, Javelin and Paul Collins Beat are just some of the acts we're jazzed about this week

Photo by Tim Soter

Wednesday, May 1

PLAN A: Os Mutantes, Capsula @ The Casbah. Members of the "tropic·lia" art movement of the late '60s, Brazilian psych-rockers Os Mutantes have gained an international following thanks to their groovy tunes and trippy, oddball attitude. They've been on a solid run since reuniting in 2006 (minus a few key members), and their new album, Fool Metal Jack, oozes with endearing weirdness. PLAN B: JJUUJJUU, Blackfeet Braves, Wild Wild Wets, Barbarian @ The Void. Once you get past their ridiculous name, JJUUJJUU actually sound pretty good: The scorched-earth psychedelia of their song "G 4 A G," all grime-encrusted guitars and crashing drums, broods with punk intensity. BACKUP PLAN: Helmet, Ape Machine, i*wish*i @ The Griffin.

Thursday, May 2

PLAN A: Javelin, Helado Negro, Jamaican Queens @ The Casbah. Like the proprietors of a sonic junkyard, Brooklyn duo Javelin build distinct, dance-floor-ready pop out of anything from trunk-rattling hip-hop beats to Peruvian pan-flute melodies. Florida beatmaker Helado Negro, meanwhile, makes measured tunes that'll make you think while grinding. PLAN B: Paul Collins Beat, The Widows, Whales, DJ Mongo Style, DJ Richard Thompson @ Til-Two Club. When it comes to melodic, guitar-driven power-pop, few do it better than Paul Collins. A former member of the mid-'70s trio The Nerves, he's spent decades penning one catchy heartbreaker of a tune after another. BACKUP PLAN: C.J. Ramone, Bümbkläätt, The Touchies @ Soda Bar. 

Friday, May 3

PLAN A: Prince @ Hard Rock Hotel. If you've got $250 burning a hole in your pocket, you'd be wise to spend it on a ticket to this intimate, one-time-only series of shows starring one of pop's most legendary badasses. (Prince will also play on Saturday, March 4; he's playing two shows per night.) PLAN B: Skrapez, Sleeve, DJ Pound, Mystery Cave, Zochi Beats, Will Spliff, Sasquach, AbJo, Boarsley, Misk, Griefshare @ Kava Lounge. For years, Kava Lounge manager Mateo Silva has been a kind of Poppa Bear to a tight-knit community of DJs, beatmakers and hip-hop heads. Silva's leaving the club to pursue his practice in holistic healing, and, tonight, nearly a dozen locals will send him off with a long night of dope beats. BACKUP PLAN: Method Man & Redman, DJ Scene, Decon, Kevin Brown, Hernandez, Static Promenade @ Stingaree.

Saturday, May 4

PLAN A: Killing Joke, Czars, Shaolin Signal @ Brick by Brick. In a career that reaches back to the late-'70s, English post-punks Killing Joke have inspired everyone from Nirvana to Napalm Death with their synthy, industrial-tinged brand of goth-rock gloom. Touring in support of a new compilation, The Singles Collection: 1979-2012, they continue to look something fierce onstage. PLAN B: El Monte Slim, River City, Behind the Wagon, Rusty Maples @ Soda Bar. Local country quartet El Monte Slim are celebrating the release of their debut album, If I Could Just Break Even, so expect a hip-thrusting hoedown, with plenty of slide guitar to go around. BACKUP PLAN: Born Ruffians, Moon King @ The Casbah.

Sunday, May 5

PLAN A: The Israelites, Kingston A Go Go, The Amalgamated @ Til-Two Club. The Israelites may not be Rastafarians—they're actually devout Christians—but they've held the torch for authentic Jamaican ska for nearly 25 years. With deep bass, solid horns and inspiration from the skinhead movement (the original, non-racist variety), they produce uplifting tunes with lots of soul. PLAN B: Jad Fair @ Craftlab Gallery (821-A South Tremont St., Oceanside). Jad Fair is probably best known as the co-founder, with his brother David, of the quirky alt-rock band Half Japanese. But he's also made some distinctive music and art of his own. Tonight, he'll display an array of paper cuttings and drawings and play an acoustic set. BACKUP PLAN: Beat Connection, Odesza, Astronautica @ Soda Bar.

Monday, May 6

PLAN A: Laura Stevenson, Field Mouse, The New Trust @ Soda Bar. Leave your indifferent-hipster bullshit at the door for this one. In her indie-pop tunes "Runner" and "Master of Art," songwriter Laura Stevenson aims her confident lyrics and winsome melodies directly at your heart, prying it right open.

Tuesday, May 7

PLAN A: Bleached, Ex-Cops @ The Casbah. Of all the buzzy beach-punk bands out there, Bleached is certainly one of the best. Their songs are fairly one-dimensional, anchored by retro love-song clichés, but they're catchy enough that most people won't notice or care. 

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