May 1 2013 04:28 PM

Singer performs her hit 'Put the Gun Down' for the SDMTS


ZZ Ward is like Adele's evil twin. They both perform soulful rock with pipes that could bring a congregation to its knees, but Ward's is markedly darker and dirtier. Her "Put the Gun Down" elicits obvious comparisons to "Rolling in the Deep," but Ward holds back on the easy catharsis of a big chorus, instead opting for sinister mischievousness.

In this episode of A Trolley Show, the L.A.-based songwriter nearly sets the SDMTS ablaze with a fiery rendition of "Put the Gun Down." This stripped-down version also allows the scratches in the singer's voice to come through—a nice reprieve from the glossy production on her album.

ZZ Ward plays the Birch Aquarium on June 19.


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