May 7 2013 06:35 PM

Schoolboy Q, Rotten Sound and oOoOO are just some of the acts we're jazzed about this week

The Milk Carton Kids

Wednesday, May 8

PLAN A: M.E.T.H., Adia Break, Tech_Fusion, Duckman @ Kava Lounge. There's something dark and twisted about M.E.T.H.'s bumping club music, but it's not exactly meth-y. The Miami group's trap beats and cavernous bass lines are more like the soundtrack to a weeklong purple-drank bender, totally warped in a sexy way. PLAN B: Jerry Joseph, Walter Salas-Humara, Steve Drizos @ The Casbah. Seasoned in the art of bruising and being bruised, San Diego-bred singer-songwriter Jerry Joseph's been through some rough patches in his life, and he isn't afraid to sing about 'em. Though he's known to play with a band, he's just as raw when he flies solo with an acoustic guitar. BACKUP PLAN: Orange Revival, Highlands, The Pheasants @ The Void.

Thursday, May 9

PLAN A: Turquoise Jeep Records, NN$ & Telegraph, Kosha Dillz @ The Casbah. As I wrote in last week's issue, hip-hoppers Turquoise Jeep are perhaps best known for their hilarious YouTube hit "Lemme Smang It," a catchy R&B track about smashing it and banging it at the same time. Needless to say, people will be smangin' it all night long tonight as the six-man crew shows off its impressive dance moves. PLAN B: Schoolboy Q @ House of Blues. A member of the Black Hippy hip-hop group—which also includes West Coast innovators Kendrick Lamar and Ab-Soul—L.A. rapper Schoolboy Q is a master of rich production and nuanced, street-ready rhymes. Even if what he's doing doesn't sink in right away, he'll pull you into his world through sheer inertia. BACKUP PLAN: Salva @ Voyeur.

Friday, May 10

PLAN A: Brothers Weiss, Francisco the Man, Oh Spirit, Nicely @ Soda Bar. Methinks San Diego might have another badass rock 'n' roll band on its hands. Video I've seen on YouTube suggests that Brothers Weiss have a knack for crafting classic, hard-hitting riffs, so it's high time I (and you) see them in the flesh. PLAN B: Blowoff w/ Bob Mould, Rich Morel @ The Casbah. If you don't get drenched in sweat at this big ol' dance party—featuring former Hüsker Dü guitarist Bob Mould and producer Rich Morel—you're not dancing hard enough. BACKUP PLAN: Marina and the Diamonds, Charli XCX @ House of Blues.

Saturday, May 11

PLAN A: Fighting with Irons, Inspired & The Sleep, Nostalgic People @ The Loft at UCSD. Fronted by local dude Max Greenhalgh, Inspired & The Sleep have all the cutesy-cuddliness of Vampire Weekend, only with less African influence and more indie-pop quirk. Tonight, they'll celebrate the release of a new album, Teenager, that's coming out on cassette tape. Yes, cassette tape. Read my review here. PLAN B: Boan, Karaoke, Lewis + Lewis @ The Void. Texas synth-pop duo Boan takes inspiration from some old-school styles—squelching acid house, pumping new beat—but you don't need to be an electronic-music scholar to dig their lively track "Babylon." (By the way, Karaoke is an actual band.) BACKUP PLAN: The Donkeys, Rafter, Octa#grape @ The Casbah.

Sunday, May 12

PLAN A: The Milk Carton Kids, The Barefoot Movement @ Belly Up Tavern. L.A. duo The Milk Carton Kids play understated folk with tight vocal harmonies and soft, exquisitely executed acoustic guitar parts. It's all quite lovely, but they lighten things up with Smothers Brothers-style onstage banter. PLAN B: Chrome Sparks, The Glass Canoe, Suburban Campers @ Soda Bar. It seems I come across a rad new beatmaker every week. The latest for me is Brooklyn's Jeremy Malvin, aka Chrome Sparks, who conjures kaleidoscopic tunes with a vaguely new-age feel. BACKUP PLAN: Suicidal Tendencies, Sick of It All, Waking the Dead @ House of Blues. 

Monday, May 13

PLAN A: oOoOO, Mister Goodnite, Kynan, DJ Illuminauts @ Soda Bar. Remember "witch-house," that spooky electronic micro-genre that was kind of cool a few years ago? One of its purveyors was Christopher Dexter Greenspan, aka oOoOO, and he's still offering a mix of murky and sweet with his slow, creeping tunes. BACKUP PLAN: Speak, The Yawmen, Grizzly Business @ The Void.

Tuesday, May 14

PLAN A: Rotten Sound, Early Graves, Globe and Beast @ Soda Bar. Even the hardest metal fan might need a breather after listening to Species at War, the latest EP from Finnish grindcore greats Rotten Sound. Rarely do you hear gnarly blast-beat riffs delivered with such awesome, ungodly force.

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