The Green Public Art Consultancy is trying hard to combine public art and environmental awareness. Founder Rebecca Ansert believes that a green building can be the perfect place to house art that not only adds to a building's aesthetics, but also contributes to it being environmentally friendly.

Right now, art isn't taken into account when a building's submitted for LEED certification, the designation that makes it officially "green." That doesn't sit right with Ansert.

"We work to advance public art's role in green buildings," says Ansert, who founded the Green Public Art Consultancy in 2009. "There's no reason why art can't contribute to the success of a LEED building. Art has a way of unveiling the hidden qualities within a construction."

For example, she believes solar panels can be made into an art installation.

To further the cause, Ansert teamed up with Art Produce Gallery to curate an exhibition for the gallery's summer series. Instead of the typical art show, Ansert decided to curate a large parade through North Park on Saturday, July 13, and again on Saturday, Aug. 2.

"I chose to do a parade because, for me, summer in San Diego is loosely tied to Fourth of July, and one of my favorite things about Fourth of July is the parades, the local aspect of everyone gathering—it's family oriented and engaging," Ansert explains. "It's good, clean all-American fun. It's something that has always been very close to me."

She's taking submissions from artists looking to participate in the parade now through Wednesday, May 15. Criteria and submission requirements can be found at

For the project, Ansert is looking for artists who explore environmental issues through their work, whether that's in the materials they use or the subject matter. She's open to installation pieces, performance art or anything else a creative mind comes up with.

"I want artists to really push the boundary of what can be in a parade," she says. "As long as they can tie back their influence or inspiration or materials to the environmental theme or green theory. I'm interested in artists who are thinking towards the future."

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