May 8 2013 09:58 AM

Our bike-themed issue shows you how to enjoy the season on two wheels

Illustration by Kristina Collantes
Last spring, Nathan Fletcher, then a candidate for mayor of San Diego, released a comprehensive bicycle policy plan for the city as an important plank in his campaign platform. Other candidates followed suit with their own plans, and, suddenly, making San Diego more bike-friendly was a major city issue. Fletcher didn't win, but the man who did, Bob Filner, was on board, big-time. Never one to shy away from bold statements, he said he wants San Diego to become the bicycling capital of the United States.

Hey, we know a juggernaut when we see one. That's why, when we were brainstorming themes for this year's Summer Guide, we chose bicycling. We hope this issue inspires San Diegans to leave their cars in their garages or parked on the street, pump up those flat tires, fasten those helmets and hit the roads and trails on two wheels this summer.

Our guide spends a day at a quirky bike-rental shop in Coronado, tailors different rides to different types of people (Page 24), notes a few lesser-known beaches you can bike to, introduces you to some social bicycle groups, points you toward a biking-themed getaway in Bonsall, takes in a Tuesday night at the Velodrome and reveals all the discounts cyclists can get at local shops, bars and restaurants.

Also, we have two summer event sections—a downloadable calendar of major events and a bunch of other recommended events, featuring Filner's ambitious CicloSDias.

But that ain't all. This swell issue has some nonbiking summer stuff, too—like ice-cream sandwiches, summer cocktails and a unique outdoor eatery, swimsuits and Alex Zaragoza's ode to daytime imbibery.

Seriously, folks, brush the cobwebs off those bikes and enjoy the summer.

—David Rolland


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