May 8 2013 12:06 PM

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


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Clues 17, 40 and 66 are deliberately blank.


1. Company that bought the naming rights to Boston Garden

7. Stroked

15. Sales limit for rare items, say

16. Australian city where News Corp.
was founded

17. -

18. "Praise Citizens United! Praise Citizens United!"?

19. Very common Muslim name

20. American bike company, oddly enough

22. Take, as a shot

23. "The art of making guests feel at home when that's really where you wish they were"

25. Add some color to

27. 1989 James Cameron film, with "The"

30. Falls in line

32. IV

34. "Fin" Tutuola portrayer

35. Smoker's action

37. Respond to Lasik surgery, say

39. She might work with Quentin on "Kill Bill 3"

40. -

43. Personal lubricant for a druglord?

45. "Past Life Martyred Saints" musician

46. Keystone ___

47. "Grey Gardens" first name

48. CBS maritime drama

50. Online expression of shock

52. Wedding registry tableware brand

56. Aloe, e.g.

58. Walk on water?

60. City associated with Francis

61. "Little Women" woman

63. U.S. Green Building Council rating system

65. Palindromic abbreviation in industrial music

66. -

69. Music fan concerned with expanding his mind as well as his body?

71. Early 1950s presidential campaign slogan

72. Area of concern to the FCC

73. Fubu alternative, in urban clothing

74. Arcade game in which characters can pass through tunnels to get to the other side of the screen


1. Projectile hurled at Fozzie Bear

2. "CSI" facility

3. "There's no need for sarcasm"

4. On point

5. Big name in unnervingly militaristic toys

6. Fermented frank topper

7. Place where lots of money gets lost on the floor

8. Former soccer phenom Freddy

9. Squat count

10. Kagan of the court

11. Simba's mom

12. Vessel for young drinkers

13. LeShan who wrote about children

14. Mo. known for lights

21. Orville Redenbacher's rival

24. Put down words, in a way

26. Historically black university in Alabama

28. Rig on the road

29. Persian for "place"

31. Keep being mad, perhaps

33. Majority Leader since 2007

36. No. that Bloomberg's soda ban would have limited

38. Sooner State city

40. Burns and Jennings

41. Village People classic

42. One in a juvenile court?

44. Equipment

49. Liquor with futuristic sexy robot ads

51. Bathroom mold

53. Corporal or sergeant

54. Character with a "sense of snow" in a 1997 thriller

55. Marathoner Geoffrey Mutai, e.g.

57. Old-time anesthetic

59. Fix a sloppy cartographer's work

62. Will name

64. Commercial prefix meaning "dependable"

66. Insult, or enjoy

67. Tall Ernie of pro golf

68. Letters before a pen name

70. LSU's conference


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