May 8 2013 05:04 PM

Let our Hit List guide your nighttime activities

Hang with Behemoth, the cute kitty that parties at Black Cat Bar.

I know that it's all about craft or vintage cocktails nowadays. Cocktail snobs get a big ol' boner drinking a concoction made from a recipe found in a book printed in 1845. While I enjoy a yummy craft cocktail, I hate it when they taste like bitter, old-timey cough syrup. I prefer a simple whisky press paired with some good tunes. That's exactly how I like to unwind after a long day.

You can do a bit of that at Seven Grand (3054 University Ave. in North Park) when The Black Sands play the bar's back room on Thursday, May 9. The rootsy Americana group's made up of members of The Heavy Guilt, Podunk Nowhere, The Fire Eaters, Stevie and the High-Staxx and Mudgrass. Order the tasty and refreshing mint julep and talk shit about Mumford & Sons while listening to these guys.

If you enjoy drinks that are at least threequarters pineapple juice, go to Bar Pink (3829 30th Ave. in North Park) on Tuesday, May 14, for its weekly Tiki Tuesday. Kick back at the bar for a chill night of sugary tiki cocktails and the easy sounds of Hawaiian-inspired music from Adrian Demain's Exotica-Tronica. It's the mellowest fun you'll have all week, aside from the sneaky cat nap you take in your car at lunch time.

Get past hump day at Black Cat Bar's (4246 University Ave. in City Heights) Blue Wednesday, happening Wednesday, May 15. DJ Roger Lane and bartender / DJ Matt Parker serve up a selection of killer '80s vinyl and good, stiff drinks for your midweek pleasure. Play some pool or just sit at the bar with the resident kitty. It's adorable.

If you feel like checking out some new spots in town, Hubcap (3926 30th St. in North Park), Sycamore Den (3391 Adams Ave. in Normal Heights) and Cat Eye Club (370 Seventh Ave., Downtown) each offers a different vibe and is worth checking out, if only just for a bit of change from your regular post-work drink.

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